Slavonia: The Vacation Destination that Chooses You

Adventure bloggers have a natural desire to share unique places they’ve been with their readers. In fact, it is what they do. The problem is that for places as beautiful and unique as Slavonia – Croatia’s most eastern region – words sometimes fail to suffice. You see Slavonia is relatively untouched by massive tourism. Therein lays the challenge of describing this quaint place of wonder. While we try to describe this lovely cottage and all the things there are to do here for tourists who like to travel off the beaten path, consider adding this destination to your custom tour itinerary.

The Region Itself

Slavonia is a region in Croatia that covers the area between River Sava and Drava and borders with the famous Danube (Dunav) in the east. It is a fertile area and is pretty much the breadbasket of the region which means it has an abundance of exotic and tasty treats for foodies to sample as they trek through its relaxed counties such as Vukovar–Srijem; Virovitica–Podravina; Požega-Slavonia; Osijek-Baranja; and Brod-Posavina. The things that makes Slavonia’s culture so rich is that it boasts an abundance of beautiful and unique old world architecture, including churches, towers, castles and spas. (These spas use thermal-mineral waters to truly invigorate and cleanse ).

Things to do and Places to See in Slavonia

As we’ve already stated, vacation bloggers have found that – through their pictures and words – that Slavonia is a wonderful place to show the world. They present a picture of a world full of rustic, old world charm and ambiance. In fact, once you add it to your Adventures Croatia custom tour, you will find that there are fascinating things to do and see here. For example, in the town of Osijek, you can visit baroque style buildings and learn of the history behind many the Tvrđa, the 18th century defensive fortress located in the eastern part of the city. This fortress was built to protect the city from the Turks back during the Habsburg Empire. Or you can take a more active role in celebrating the city’s many festivals, markets, food and wine tastings and even stroll its remote paths by foot in order to truly take in its splendor. Also, you might wish to walk along the Osijek River Promenade. Here you can enjoy a truly beautiful view of the Drava River. In a sense, you could say that because of its breathtaking churches, old world charm, stunning scenery, hills and mountains that are crowned with lush green vegetation, Slavonia picks its visitors rather than them choosing it. It is one of the truly underrated gems to explore as you travel Croatia.