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The Castles of Croatia

2 Nov

The Castles of Croatia

They are right out of the fairytales we were told when we were young yet they are also a part of real history. We are referring here to castles which belong to the history of many cultures. They are structures with one foot in myth and the other in reality. In Croatia, castles are a common part of the landscape of many areas of the country. They range from simple, unassuming abodes to majestic residences right out of something from the works of Hans Christian Anderson or Bram Stoker. Since we know you would not want to miss out on these elegant relics of the past during your custom excursion in Croatia, we have listed below some of the Croatia’s most famous castles.

·         Trakošćan Castle: This stately looking structure is located in northern Croatia and was built back in the 13th century. It is surrounded on all sides by a lush, green forest and vegetation. Surrounding it also is a forest park with a lake. During the summertime (1st Apr-31st Oct) and winter (Nov 1st-31st Mar), visitors are able to tour the castle and surrounding grounds.

  • Veliki Tabor Castle: This castle has – as is the case with many castles – has a bit of a ghost story connected to it. Supposedly, the lover of Fridrik Cejjski, the son of count Hermann Cejjski – can be heard weeping inside the castle during cold summer nights. This is supposedly due to the fact that she was brutally murdered and walled up in the towers of the Castle. You can add this medieval castle to one of our private travel tours in Croatia.
  • Nehaj Tower: This is more of a fortress than a regal looking palace. Centuries ago it served as military fortification for the defense of Senj from Ottoman Empire and Venice. In comparison to the two castles above, it is rather stark looking in appearance. This is because it served a practical purpose and the builders were not concerned chiefly with its aesthetics.
  • Feštetić Castle: Built in the 16th century this castle was owned by members of the Zrinski family until the end of the 17th century. It is located in Pribislavec a village in the northern part of the country. The castle is done in the Neo-Gothic style of the 19th century due to its renovation under Count Feštetić. Today it functions as a local primary school. Thus, it can only be seen from the outside.castle
  • Mailath Castle (Donji Miholjac): This 50 room castle was built in 1903 in the English Tudor style. Today the castle houses the municipal administration and special events and concerts

These are just a few of the many castles of Croatia. They are a reminder of a country that is shrouded in antiquity yet still has its footing firmly in the present. Make these castles and other a part of your vacation tour of Croatia.

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