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Croatia: Celebrity Playground

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26 Oct

Croatia: Celebrity Playground

Celebrities are a class of people who are accustomed to the finest things in life. They are accustomed to the best food, clothing, cars, etc. So, it seems only natural that when they desire a rest from the pressures of fame they would seek out a destination where they know their need for entertainment, adventure and a special level of pampering will be met. Well, luckily for them and those of us who call this country our home, they have found that Croatia fits each of those requirements. Over the past several years there has been a spate of celebrity sightings in Croatia. The rich and famous have made our beautiful country a place where they can unwind and be themselves while still enjoying the amenities life has to offer. Here are just a few celebrities who have taken to luxury in travel Croatia.

  • Beyonce: Back in 2009, this pop diva icon toured Dalmatia on a yacht with her equally famous husband Jay Z. She reportedly fell in love with the simple beauty of the region as many who visit here do.
  • Oprah Winfrey: This multi-billionaire and media queen was seen just a while back holidaying in Dubrovnik on Croatia’s southern coast. She was joined by her friend Gayle King and several others who shared pictures of their adventures via Instagram. Winfrey is such a trend-setter that we would not be surprised if others visited the country in the future.
  • Brad Pitt: This Ocean’s Eleven star was seen in 2016 strolling along the Dalmatian coastal town of Šibenik just a month or so ago.
  • Black Eyed Peas:I.Am and the other members of this chart-topping group were seen this year holidaying on the Croatian coast and thoroughly enjoying all the amenities that are possible when people travel Croatia.
  • Tom Cruise: This Mission Impossible star was seen way back in 2004 visiting Dubrovnik via his yacht which he anchored just outside the city. Cruise obviously enjoyed his stay here as he has since returned to our lovely country. 

In short, we could go on with the list of celebrities who have visited and continue to visit us such as Ellen DeGeneres, Anthony Hopkins, Angelina Jolie but we don’t want to get your hopes up of a celebrity encounter when you visit us. However, keep your fingers crossed.

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