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Enjoying Croatia’s Endless Summer

croatia beaches
19 Oct

Enjoying Croatia’s Endless Summer

When most people around the world think of the month of October, sunshine, warm beaches and light winds are hardly the first things that come to mind. Most people picture chilly breezes, cold crisp nights and dying leaves. However, here in Croatia, it seems that summer has been held over by warmer than average temperatures. And as it so happens, this also means that visitors have even more chances to enjoy the one thing that is most synonymous with summer and for which Croatia is becoming increasingly popular – its beaches. Joins us on a brief tour of some of our better known beaches and some ideas for how visitors to our country can make the most of the extended summer we are experiencing here.

Croatia Beaches


As a matter of fact, Croatia’s beaches are accessible and can be enjoyed all year round due to its closeness to the Adriatic. In summer, the Adriatic’s temperature ranges from 22 to 30 °C (72 to 86 °F). In the winter, the average temperature ranges from 12 to 14 °C (54 to 57 °F). Therefore, Adventures Croatia is more than happy to help you enjoy this warmer than usual weather with a custom tour of our most popular beaches.

  • Omis Beach: Golden sand beaches greet visitors of Omis Beach which is located in the town of Omis and is dotted with pine and tamarisk trees. Visitors can explore the rocky shoreline and view the region’s mountains which form a dramatic backdrop for this scenic beach.croatia beaches
  • Banje Beach: You’ve never seen bluer waters than those surrounding this lovely beach which is also surrounded by some of Dubrovnik’s best hotels. Visitors who are used to the finer things in life can enjoy the amenities these hotel’s offer and even – if they are lucky enough – do some celebrity watching as this area is sometimes frequented by celebrities.
  • Stara Baska: This beach is located on the southwest coast of the Island of Krk. Though not as peopled as Banje Beach, Stara Baska is close to the Škrila campsite which is located above the beach. The waters surrounding Stara Baska are just as blue as the waters around Banje Beach and are perfect for indulging in a number of water sports. 
  • Makarska Beach: Let’s say you desire a respite from relaxing on the beaches and decide to do some people watching. Makarska Beach is very near the town of Makarska where one can take a foot tour of the promenade which is shaded by palm trees and bordered by chic cafés, upscale restaurants and shops.

So, while the breath of summer is gently fading away in other tourist destinations, Croatia currently gives tourists a chance to enjoy its endless summer, its many amenities and its quaint, welcoming inhabitants. 

Adventures Croatia
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