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Summer Events in Istria

9 Apr

Summer Events in Istria

Istria is Croatia’s up-and-coming destination, and with its award-winning truffles and incredible scenery, we understand why! Istria highlights its food and cultural heritage with fairs and events to celebrate all-things tasty and creative. Our Pula-based Travel Specialist Ines put together a list of her favorite events in Istria – be sure to check them out if you’re in town! 
ISAP 2018 – October 20-21, 2018
The homemade Istrian prosciutto has been one of the most valuable products and a source of pride for Istria. Prosciutto has been considered and recognized as a symbol of perfection, the Istrian people call it vijulin, meaning violin. It has earned its royal status due to its taste, smell, color, the right softness, and freshness. Its prestigious position among gourmets it owes to its producers strictly following the traditional rules. In its honor, the Municipality of Tinjan traditionally organizes the International Prosciutto Fair – ISAP. Along with the all-day sports, cultural and entertainment programs, and the presentations of numerous participants, the fair will offer numerous tastings as well as professional lectures.
PULA FILM FESTIVAL – July 14-22, 2018
The Pula Film Festival is the oldest film festival in Croatia and one of the oldest film festivals in Europe. Its trademark is the Arena, where the film screenings take place under the stars. Today, it is the most visited cultural event in Croatia, with more than 73,000 visitors attending the great number of festival events. The festival program takes place at different city locations, attracting a large number of visitors. 

ZIGANTE TRUFFLE DAYS – September – November 2018
Every autumn, the 10-weekend Days of Zigante Truffles is organized in Livade. It gathers guests from Croatia and the world only to taste this supreme gourmet specialty as well as other exceptional flavors of Istrian delicacies. This event made the village of Livade known as the center of the Istrian truffle, and you’ll find a truffle fair, an international exhibition of wine and other indigenous Istrian products (such as Istrian prosciutto, sausage, cheese, honey, olive oil, schnapps), culinary workshops, demonstrations of truffle hunting in the forest, and many (delicious) tastings. Join us and try culinary specialties made with truffles presented by well-known chefs.


VISUALIA FESTIVAL PULA – September 21-23, 2018
The Visualia Festival is a light and art festival in Pula. Featuring 25 artworks of local and international artists, the Visualia Festival is a unique can’t-miss experience. The festival has more than 20,000 visitors and 11 locations in the old city venues. With gorgeous displays and an international influence, we can’t recommend the festival enough!

ASPARAGUS FESTIVAL – March 21 – May 13, 2018

During March, April, and May, the 11 Days of Istrian Asparagus will give true asparagus lovers an opportunity to relish in imaginative, delicious and fragrant delicacies made from Istrian wild asparagus. Ranging from the renowned “fritaja” (omelets), soups, homemade pasta, and risottos to ingenious combinations with meat and fish and scrumptious desserts.

Asparagus is one of the most appreciated wild plant varieties growing in Istria, picked from mid-March to late April. Since it grows in less accessible places, often protected by thorny bushes, its picking requires the eye of a hawk, iron will, and not worrying about an occasional scratch. Food, medicine, aphrodisiac…it’s no wonder that we dedicated an entire festival to this plant.

Looking for more events? Take a look at our event page and ask your Travel Specialist for more information!

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