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6 Apr


I love Croatia and its many wonderful islands, UNESCO World Heritage sites, historical cities, and all the lovely aspects of the country. BUT, the country to its north is becoming a haven for the well traveled! 


Situated in the heart of Europe, Slovenia is a boutique country between the Alps, Mediterranean Sea, mysterious Karst with more than 11,000 karst caves and Pannonian Plain, rich in healthy water springs.

Here are just a few of the highlights of this lovely country:

Piran and Salt Pans

Piran: the town of salt
The most beautiful town on the Slovenian coast grew with the help of salt. The Piran salt pans, where the world-class fleur de sel (flower of salt) is still produced today using age-old methods, were the reason why the picturesque Mediterranean walled town, with its church with a view and cultural attractions, flourished.

Postojna Cave

The most visited tourist cave in Europe is a place where the proteus or olm offspring are once again hatching. The cave railway has been operating at the cave for 140 years. Predjama Castle is located close to Postojna Cave and is the largest cave castle in the world.

One of my favorite places in Slovenia is Bled Lake.


This Alpine lake with the only island in Slovenia has been a world-renowned paradise for centuries, impressing visitors with its natural beauty, wealth of legend, and special powers to restore well-being. Look out at the lake from a castle on a cliff and visit the island on a traditional “pletna” boat.

Bled is a small town nestled in the Julian Alps, with Lake Bohinj and the Soča River nearby. Bled is perfect for a relaxing stay and for outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, and bikers. Spend some time in this charming lakeshore town with the imposing Bled castle perched high on the cliff above the lake. Visit its famous island and the sacred site of the small church—getting there is its own unique experience, you’ll arrive via Lake Bled’s traditional hand-propelled pletna (boat). Then visit the famous Bled Castle for a spectacular view of the lake and mountains.


Ljubljana is a green city, friendly for its residents and visitors alike. Its social and environmental awareness have a long tradition that you will feel with every step, and it is no coincidence that the city was named the European Green Capital of 2016. The cityscape, guarded by the prominent Ljubljana Castle, was shaped by the widely-celebrated architect Jože Plečnik. Whether you are a lover of culture and art or seek culinary delights, Ljubljana has something to offer that will not fail to impress. Have a walk along the Ljubljanica River, stop for a coffee and don’t forget to visit the farmers’ market.


Did you know that the noble white Lipizzaner horses are from Slovenia? Their original stud farm has been in Lipica in the Karst since 1580. You can marvel at their elegance while watching shows and classical riding training. You can experience the Karst Region in a carriage, or you can go riding.


With its own abundance of appealing natural wonders, cities, historical sites, the Julian Alps and its lakes and rivers, as well as a very visible Austrian influence, Slovenia is being requested in more and more of our clients’ trips. We can’t say enough good things about Slovenia!

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