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Exploring the Best Hikes in Slovenia

Woman hiking in the Seven Lakes Valley, one of the best hikes in Slovenia
7 May

Exploring the Best Hikes in Slovenia

Picture Slovenia: a land where Alpine peaks kiss the sky, emerald rivers weave through lush valleys, and fairy-tale lakes mirror medieval castles peering down from the mountains above. This small country, nestled in between Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia, is filled with natural beauty. 

The best hikes in Slovenia 

Although Slovenia is a relatively small country, covering only 7,827 square miles, it has over 6,000 miles worth of hiking trails and an abundance of breathtaking scenery. The unspoilt environment is rich in biodiversity, the mountains and meadows bursting with different flora and fauna.

The hikes in Slovenia range from easy walks to difficult treks, and from short day hikes to long multi-day hikes, where travelers can camp overnight in the designated mountain huts. On most hikes in Slovenia, all you’ll need are walking shoes, sunblock, food and water but there are certain routes that require technical equipment such as climbing gear and helmets. 

Triglav National Park

Triglav National Park spans the eastern part of the Julian Alps and is the biggest conservatory area in Slovenia. With over 200 marked trails, it is widely considered to be home to some of the best hikes in Slovenia. 

At each turn, nature reveals its masterpieces: cascading waterfalls that glisten like diamonds in the sunlight, alpine meadows adorned with a riot of colorful blooms, and tranquil lakes that mirror the surrounding peaks in their crystal-clear waters.

  1. Triglav Summit Trail

Mountain Triglav is the highest point in all of Slovenia, at 2,684m, and is frequently seen as a rite of passage for hikers coming to Slovenia. There are multiple routes up to the summit and most take around two days, spending the night at a mountain hut along the way. This hike is both technical and physically demanding but the panoramic views over the surrounding mountain peaks are worth it!

2. Vintar Gorge

This is one of the best day hikes in Slovenia. At around 2 miles, it is perfect for families and walkers of all fitness levels. The hike meanders along a boardwalk next to the rushing waters of the Radovna River, finally running past the picturesque Šum Waterfall. 

3. Seven Lakes Valley

As the name suggests, this breathtaking hiking route passes seven lakes in the Slovenian Julian Alps, and offers mountain caps and lush forestry as a backdrop. It is an easy to moderate hike and can be done as a day hike, taking around 6 hours, or as part of a multi-day hike through the enchanting wilds of Triglav National Park.

Soča Valley 

The Soča Valley lies between the Julian Alps and the Adriatic Sea and is one of the leading destinations in Slovenia for outdoor activities. It is also the perfect place for activities and excursions while in the country. There are options to go river rafting, zip lining, kayaking, mountain biking, and more.

The valley has an otherworldly charm, with the Soča River snaking through the landscape, creating shimmering rock pools and inviting coves. Towering mountains frame the valley, with waterfalls rushing down the sides.

  1. Soča Trail 

This hiking trail begins at the source of the Soča River and travels into the heart of Triglav National Park. A moderately challenging hike, the trail covers 17.5 miles and should take around 8.5 hours. Expect crystal-clear emerald waters, narrow gorges, frequent suspension bridges, and rugged rock formations from this magical trail. 

  1. Kozjak Waterfall 

Kozjak Waterfall is a magnificent 50 foot waterfall that flows into a cave. The hike here is an easy one along a well-marked trail, which should take you 45 minutes from the town center of Kobarid. 

Kamnik-Savinja Alps 

The Kamnik-Savinja Alps occupy the central-northern part of Slovenia, and can even be seen from Ljubljana on a clear day. You’ll climb white limestone peaks, similar to the Italian Dolomites, and cross rolling lush meadows and dense forests. This mountain range is less explored than its neighbors, the Karawanks and Julian Alps, and has fewer mountain huts. 

  1. Logar Valley Trail

This route is a natural-ethnographic trail that runs for 4.3 miles one way.  It runs the length of Logarska Dolina and takes 2.5 – 3 hours to walk but it is possible to start at different points, making the route shorter. The Logar Valley Trail offers picturesque views of waterfalls, meadows, and the surrounding peaks. 

  1. Kamnik Saddle

The hike, covering 3.4 miles, is relatively easy and should take around 4 hours. The panoramic views here are astounding, looking out over the gorgeous Slovenian Alpine meadows below. From 6,000 feet up, you’ll be able to see Ljubljana Basin on one side and Logar Valley on the other.

From here, there are options to continue on further to Mt. Brana and Mt. Planjava but these trails are demanding and technical.

Kočevsko Region

This mystical forest landscape is located in southeastern Slovenia and is heaven for nature lovers. Over 90% of the region is covered in dense forests, making it the most forested region in all of Europe. The Kočevsko Region offers a primeval experience of nature – breathe in the fresh, crisp air and listen to the songs of the nearby birds. 

There are many hikes around this region for all skill levels, ranging from short day hikes to longer overnight hikes through the dense forest. The Kočevsko Region is protected and visitors must endeavor to remain on the marked trails. 

  1. Krokar Primeval Forest

The Krokar Primaeval Forest Trail is a circular trail stretching only 1.2 miles through this UNESCO World Natural Heritage listed forest. It has 164 yards of steep ascent but remains suitable for families and walkers of all skill levels. This is the best hike in Slovenia for raw beauty, and to experience centuries of untouched wilderness. 

  1. Rog Hiking Trail 

This 40 mile hike is a fantastic opportunity to explore the forests of the Rog. The route is marked with a bear’s paw and is recommended to be broken up into 3 days, staying overnight at points along the trail. The trail reveals the most interesting corners of the Kočevski Rog forests, passing through numerous natural attractions and the remains of the lost villages.

When to hike in Slovenia 

The weather in Slovenia varies drastically throughout the year. The best time to hike depends on what you are looking to experience. 

In July and August, the peak summer months, the weather averages 68-86°F. The shoulder seasons, in Spring and Autumn, are generally less busy and the temperate weather makes it perfect to spend time hiking outdoors.

During the winter, there are many opportunities to hike through the snow. Expect snow capped peaks and serene silence that gives the impression that you are in a fairy-tale. But make sure to wrap up warm as it can get incredibly cold during these months.

It is important to note that some routes are closed during off season, or after heavy rain, especially higher up in the mountains due to safety reasons.

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