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Multi Sport Travel In Croatia

10 Aug

Multi Sport Travel In Croatia

There is no doubt about it – vacations that keep you fit and active by providing you with activities such as hiking, cycling, kayaking etc. while at the same time exposing you to the beauty of your surroundings is all that the adventure minded traveler can seek. Thus, multi-sport travel in Croatia can aptly be described as an experiential vacation. You see, multi-sport travel gives you the opportunity to keep fit during your vacation by connecting you with the beauty of Croatia in the most active ways possible, via our hiking and biking tours.

Hiking Tour of Croatia

By now much of the world has become aware that Croatia has breathtaking scenery that rivals that of commonly visited tourist destinations. But what good is a vacation if you cannot take in the sights and sounds and people of the region at your own pace? This is one of the many benefits of our Ultimate Hiker’s Tour of Croatia. It allows exploration of the country through hidden alleyways, ruins of long-forgotten fortresses, and snaking dirt paths at a slower pace that helps you better appreciate the experience. Other modes of transportation would not give you the same opportunity to do this. Next, our hiking tours allow you to heighten your senses and take it all in. Feel the earth beneath your feet and breath in the fresh air around you as you and your party explore destinations such as Dubrovnik, Konavle, Lopud, Trpanj and many other locations via majestic mountain ranges, peaceful island and hillside treks.

Biking Tour of Croatia

One of the most rewarding vacation experiences our visitors can partake in are our biking tours of the region. Biking allows visitors to explore the Dalmatia Coast in an up-close and personal way, stopping along the way at boutique hotels and experiencing historic towns from a unique perspective. Here are just a few benefits our guests derive from these tours.

  • It takes them to places that coaches, planes, ships and trains can’t reach.
  • It allows them to set their own pacebiking
  • It is an eco-friendly way to travel
  • It helps them stay toned and in shape whereas many people gain weight, etc. while on vacation

This year as you are looking for a vacation that will keep you moving, improve your fitness and get you more involved, travel Croatia the multi-sport way. You also have the opportunity to enjoy luxury travel in Croatia while staying active!

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