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Dubrovnik – 2019’s Capital of Culture

8 Jan

Dubrovnik – 2019’s Capital of Culture

2019 is bound to be an exciting year for Dubrovnik and Croatia. Readers of travel magazine AFAR have chosen Dubrovnik as this year’s cultural destination. Over 100,000 votes were cast in AFAR’s third annual Travelers’ Choice destination awards, resulting in Dubrovnik receiving the most votes in the Cultural Capital category.

“To wander through Dubrovnik is to experience Croatia’s cultural history. See it in the UNESCO-listed Old City sector, where centuries-old baroque churches, Gothic palaces, and medieval walls stand. Hear it in the notes of traditional a capella klapa singing during the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, which marks 70 years in 2019. And feel it in the paintings by Croatian artists who grapple with the region’s recent past and present at the Museum of Modern Art and the seasonal gallery, War Photo Limited”, wrote AFAR.

Nicknamed the “Pearl of the Adriatic,” Dubrovnik was granted UNESCO World Heritage status in 1979.

American tourists have been especially won over by Croatia thanks to the variety it has to offer. We love the ability to combine cultural experiences with the natural beauty and gastronomy of the region. There’s something for everyone.

Croatia’s Mediterranean climate allows for perfect weather to spend hours outdoors exploring the coastline and inland beauty. Visiting the sea or waterfalls. Sunny beaches or private islands. Options may feel endless, but this allows tourists with any preference to find themselves at home in the Balkans.

To truly experience the real culture of Dubrovnik, plan on exploring off of the beaten path, interacting with locals and trying the cuisine where “Croatians” hang out.


The City of Dubrovnik has become a magnet for tourists. Because of this, the citizens of the city have built up a strong tourist infrastructure over the past few years. Improvement will only continue into 2019.


So whether it’s the centuries of history or the Game of Thrones Filming locations that attracts you – Dubrovnik can be your next destination.

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