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Croatia: A Top Choice for the Virtuoso Traveler

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11 Jan

Croatia: A Top Choice for the Virtuoso Traveler

There is a network of people who make luxury travel their business. They consist of more than 16,000 expert advisors at 800-plus travel agencies in 45 countries. Their job is to seek out the ultimate travel experiences and they have recommended Croatia as one of the top sailing destination in all of Europe. Of course this is no surprise to us. Croatia is nation that is surrounded by idyllic beaches, a Mediterranean climate, and a lovely landscape. Add all of that to the experience of yachting and these “Virtuosos” had no other choice but to acknowledge our country as being a high-class destination for the luxury minded, savvy traveler.

Sailing in Croatia

In addition to Croatia island cruises, yachting in Croatia has also become very popular over the past few years. As we stated in a previous post, celebrities who have been seen getting their yacht on in Croatia include Tom Cruise, Beyonce Knowles and Jay Z, John Malkovich, Prince Harry and the cast of Game of Thrones. But why? What is the lure of yachting in Croatia? Yachting affords visitors to Croatia a way to view the sites like Dubrovnik (called the “Pearl of the Adriatic”), Hvar Island, its shimmering shorelines and lavender fields as well as its other spectacular landscape and architecture in elegance and style. What else is there to see while sailing in Croatia? Sailing here also affords one the opportunity to visit villages such as Stomorska on sleepy Šolta. It reveals to visitors other picturesque towns and unspoiled islands that lie off its costs.croatia cruise

Harbors and Marinas


Of course, you’ll want to come ashore eventually. There are more than 50 marinas in Croatia and there are restaurants, shops and cafes, near some of them that you can enjoy when you come ashore. You will also have no trouble finding the occasional nightclub, wine tasting and other entertainment in the region. Additionally, anchoring in these harbors and marinas will give you access to the quaint little villages of the region and give you a chance to interact with the inhabitants one on one.


As you can see, Croatia has enough to appeal to professional world travelers who have seen and done it all. They rank Croatia as a top destination for sailing and for yachting because of the beautiful landscape including the lush lavender fields and austere-looking mountains.   

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