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Croatia: The Best Destination For 2019

18 Jan

Croatia: The Best Destination For 2019

Last time on this site we talked about how a network of more than 16,000 expert travel advisors at 800+ plus travel agencies in 45 countries recommended Croatia as one of the top sailing destinations in all of Europe. Well, the accolades keep pouring in for our country as earlier this month Dubrovnik was named the best cultural destination for 2019 by readers of popular American travel magazine AFAR. In particular, the magazine highlighted Croatia’s rich cultural history which is embodied in its churches, Gothic palaces, medieval walls, light houses and other structures. Our culture is also demonstrated in our traditions and the costumes by the celebrants with whom visitors can interact and learn more about our history.

Yet, as praise worthy as the write up about our country is, we also feel that visitors may want to, on occasion, step off the well traveled path to see and do things that are not as “touristy” as some of the aforementioned destinations.

  • The Sinjska Alka: A Knights Tournament: This equestrian competition takes place yearly on August the 1st in the town of Sinj. The event was inscribed on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list nearly a decade ago but still attracts the interest of visitors who decide to travel Croatia by taking the path less traveled yet still enjoy the cultural heritage of our nation.
  • The Blue Cave on Biševo island: The Blue Cave is located on the island Biševo. It is an awesome natural phenomenon that because of the way light hits the water everything in the cave is turned into a brilliant, ethereal shade of blue. There is no swimming allowed in the cave but you can enter it and witness this breathtakingly beautiful natural display.
  • Tito’s Cave (island of Vis): This site was once a military outpost and was one of Tito’s headquarters. This is where, in the winter of 1943-1944, Tito and his confederates plotted the downfall of Hitler. The cave is located south-east of Komiža, near Podšpilje (‘Under the Cave’).croatia

Whether you choose Dubrovnik as your destination or not Croatia is the perfect place to vacation to this year! Regardless of occasion: reunion, milestone or birthday, this is the place to celebrate. With so much to choose from, whether it be a Deluxe Private Cruise, wine tasting, tasting the amazing food and all the outdoor activities, you will have endless options.

Croatia is a country rich with culture and traditions from its festivals to its architecture. Even in the obscure, off-the-beaten-path locations you are bound to find a piece of a rich history that has so much to reveal that a traveler could spend a lifetime here. You can experience Croatia via one of our luxury small group tours, honeymoon travel packages or custom tours.

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