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The Music and Festivals of Croatia

ultra festival
4 Jan

The Music and Festivals of Croatia

From techno to reggae, small bands to world-renowned musicians, Croatians music scene is growing ever more popular and ever more diverse every day. This is why many Europeans are beginning to see how vibrant our music festivals are. This is no surprise, however. Croatia has long been known as a country that has loved and respected music and the role it plays in life. The history of Croatian music spans from Medieval to Renaissance and baroque to that of Romanticism. Eventually, the music of Croatia would be associated with traditional folk music of our culture. More recently, the music of Croatia has come to manifest itself in the form of pulsating, out-of-this world music festivals. Here are some of the most famous music festivals in the country.

  • SONUS Music Festival: This five-night festival of music is hosted by some of the country’s most renowned clubs. These clubs – Aquarius, Calypso, and Papaya – provide everything you need to enjoy yourself night or day. They even host boat parties where you can explore the water of the Adriatic as well as enjoy the festival itself. The festival runs from August -9-23.
  • INMUSIC Festival Zagreb: This festival, which takes place in Zagreb, has been named as one of the top twelve music festivals in the world by the music magazine NME and is Croatia’s biggest international open-air music festival. It is usually held in June and takes place on Youth Island in the middle Zagreb’s Lake Jarun.
  • Barrakud Croatia: Take a trip through the heart of techno and hip hop with this festival which is held every summer inside some of Zrće beach’s best clubs. It has quickly become known as one of Europe’s best party spots ad attracts thousands of people because of the incredible atmosphere created by the festival there.
  • Ultra Europe: This multi-venue outdoor electronic music festival takes place in several countries but its origins are in Croatia. The festival in Croatia involves more than music. It also entails opening and closing parties and a yacht regatta.ultra festival
  • Hideout Festival: This annual electronic music festival was first held in 2011 and has since then been sold out every year. It is held in Zrce, Croatia on the island of Pag and features electronic music.

Finally, the music scene here is vibrant and growing in popularity across Europe. It is one of the many reasons to travel to Croatia. It is also one of the many features of the country that we are proudest of. So, if you are planning a trip to Croatia, we recommend you check out some of these music scenes and book tickets with the sites behind the festivals in advance.   

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