We specialize in unique, exclusive, personalized travel planning to Croatia and its surrounding countries. We design individualized journeys, small group tours, deluxe cruises and exceptional excursions, suited to each client based on years of personal experience, ongoing research, relationships, and professional expertise.
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Designing a Personalized Travel Experience

27 Mar

Designing a Personalized Travel Experience

We take great pleasure in creating custom-tailored travels that reflect you and your wishes, designed through our work together, and flawless in execution. In the past, we have created perfect getaways in small Balkan towns and islands with complex logistics all while preparing for the unexpected. We feel it’s no fun to keep all these stories to ourselves, so we will be sharing a few special customization success stories our team has conjured up recently. 

Complex Logistics or Timing 

We’ll take care of any of your worries from the beginning. Timing is everything, especially when prioritizing your vacation days abroad. Adventures Croatia always ensures personalized attention to guarantee your itinerary is exactly what you need. Many trips to Croatia may begin or end with a cruise, and we will arrange timing to arrival appropriately. This, of course, goes for other timing details you may need to be seamless. 

Our travelers sometimes visit nearby regions during their trips, and may also happen to be joining up with another group. Finding appropriate transportation and housing may get complicated, but it’s what we do! Trust Adventures Croatia to make sure your travel is comfortable and smooth. 

Mobility Solutions

Being a rocky country and filled with historical towns, Croatia may be tricky to navigate in a wheelchair, but we are prepared to create solutions for the determined traveler. Recently, Adventures Croatia arranged a motorized scooter for a client of ours, who used it for city tours and was transported by private van to other destinations. Our ground team ensured everything was functioning and handled the rental and return to make our clients trip as smooth as possible. 

Do you have questions regarding your groups’ mobility while traveling the Balkan region? Contact the Adventures Croatia team to have all your answers delivered personally. 

Special Interests

If you have a special reason to be visiting Croatia and its neighboring countries, please ensure your travel experts are aware. To build on a previous connection or hobby will only strengthen your memories while away. 

For any bird-watchers, in Eastern Slavonia there happens to be a critical European flyover (for African to Siberian migrations) near the confluence of the Danube and Drava Rivers. Unfortunately, being a bit far from the Dalmatian coast, recent bird-watching clients of ours were looking for another option. With some research, we learned that Lake Vransko, the largest freshwater lake in Croatia, is another important flyover with nesting areas for many endangered and rare bird species. It is also a historical location near the sea where we provided housing arrangements in a newly restored 500-year-old Ottoman Han with a fascinating history and excellent dining. 

Heritage Trips

A physical visit to your heritage land may be the next step to discover your ancestry. Many clients hope to see the villages their families left in past generations, and family lineage research can be arranged. With an extensive in-country network and knowledgeable local guides, many clients leave having learned much more than they expected. 

A couple who visited Croatia last year sent us information regarding grandparents who had left the island of Cres when they were teenagers. Adventures Croatia was able to get contact with the local Croatian-speaking pastor, and by the time they arrived, records had been dug up and our clients even meet a cousin who is still living on the island!

It’s extremely exciting to showcase past successful efforts in our work, and we hope these special trips may inspire you and your travel partners to think outside the box for what you want to experience while traveling the Balkans. As always, Adventures Croatia provides a client-centric service that focuses on offering fully customized travel. We are always excited to discuss any possibilities to make your trip your own. 

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