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The Top 5 Secret Getaways of Croatia

22 Mar

The Top 5 Secret Getaways of Croatia

There is a lot that can be said for traveling with a group or crowd of other people while on vacation. Sometimes the excitement of witnessing a new place or engaging in a new activity can carry over from one member and become almost infectious. Then there is solitude – blissful, crowd-free solitude. Both are options for travelers to Croatia as it has increasingly become a popular tourist destination for countless travelers yet it still contains out of the way spots that can be a sanctuary away from the multitude of visitors. For those of you who do treasure these moments of quiet reflection, here are five secret getaways of Croatia.

·         Lastovo Island: This is Croatia’s most distant island and it is perfect for deep sea diving, quiet reflection and peaceful walks. Lastovo Town is a sleepy village comprised of stone houses, small restaurants, secluded passageways. Moreover, the island itself is a designated nature park so there is plenty there to recommend this hamlet for nature lovers.

·         Zagorje Region: This secluded nook features medieval castles and rolling hills and is a reminder of the country’s Austrian-Hungarian heritage. The irony of visiting this city is that it is only a short ride from one of Croatia’s most often visited cities – Zagreb. Despite this, it is virtually unknown to most tourists. Privacy seekers will enjoy stopping over at Trakoscan Castle, a 13th-century fairytale fortress.

·         Varazdin: When you do visit the Zagorje region, you can visit the peaceful town of Varazdin. This is the formal capital of Croatia but it is known as “Little Vienna” because of its unique, baroque style. You will want to take a walking tour of the city in order to fully appreciate its picturesque beauty and history.

·         Dugi Otok Island: Dugi Otok looks out over the crystal blue waters of the Adriatic. It has everything a tourist needs to relax and enjoy his/her vacation including Telascica Nature Park, powder sand and mellow beach bars. The only thing it is lacking is heavy traffic and the cacophony of other visitors.

·         Pag: This pocket-sized town is crowded with party-seeking tourist during the summer but in late fall and early winter things tend to quiet down. While you are here you can enjoy delicious lamb grazed on wild rosemary, a tangy, Parmesan-like cheese, and wine as part of Croatia’s rich culinary heritage.

So you see, popular does not necessarily mean overcrowded. There are still isolated places you can see on one of our Croatia island cruises. Your custom itinerary in Croatia can be as relaxing as it is fun and full of discovery.

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