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Been to Croatia? Here’s where to visit next

Kotor Montenegro
16 Sep

Been to Croatia? Here’s where to visit next

Southern Europe and the Balkans are some of the fastest-growing destinations in Europe and Adventures Croatia is here to show you the best! Our team has spent plenty of time around the region, and we would like to share our favorite Balkan destinations with you in this weeks blog post.


Croatia’s southern neighbor provides a similarly gorgeous coastline to the Adriatic and matching natural wonders inland. This small country of 622,000 population is the perfect spot for visitors who love to explore natural beauty. You will be awe-struck by the encroaching mountain surrounding the large bay of Kotor and the postcard worthy Durmitor Ring, a phenomenal day trip to see various viewpoints of the countries inland mountainous region.
Our team has personally been visiting Montenegro more often in recent years, and can only give it the highest ratings for our clients. With plenty of hands-on and adventure experiences, our team is always happy to discuss which options would be best for you.
Kotor Montenegro

Bosnia & Herzegovina

Inland to Croatia with a small 20km sliver of coastline, the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s multicultural history shines through in every town or city. Here, East meets West, influencing the architecture, food, and culture across the multi-ethnic country. The recent regional conflict is fresh and visible, and tour guides can share very personal stories with you.
Anyone fascinated with history will feel eager to learn and question the modern complications of this rapidly changing country. Read more about why Mostar wow’s us and is worth more than a day-trip.


Sandwiched between Croatia and Italy, Slovenia’s famous lakes and rivers are a joy to explore. If you’re looking for adventure, Slovenia is well known for it’s diverse cave systems which can be explored by people of most abilities. Some of Slovenia’s rivers even run below the ground, creating UNESCO heritage sites like the Škocjan Caves.
Of course famous Lake Bled is a great visit, and the Slovenian cuisine is a delicious blend of Italian cuisine paired with many local influences.
slovenia cave


Albania is a fascinating historic land that has only recently emerged after nearly a half-century of isolation. Albanians adore Americans and are eager to proudly share their colorful culture and customs with visitors. Logistical challenges are quickly improving allowing  travelers to reap unique rewards by venturing to Albania.

This rugged coastline won’t stay off tourists radar’s for long, so now’s your time to explore Albania.



While Romania may be less traveled by American’s, European travelers have begun to discover many of off-the-beaten-path opportunities across the large country. With diversity of European cultures mixing throughout the equally diverse landscape, visitors to Romania always return saying it was much more interesting than they could have ever expected.
For those fascinated in Gothic myths and fairy tales, exploring Transylvania will give you the opportunity to visit the castle of Dracula – which pairs great with the regions burgeoning wine scene. Get to Romania before everyone else does to see this country without the inevitable crowds in upcoming years.
Romania Castle
Our expertise is here to help you make the perfect vacation decisions. Adventures Croatia’s team of regional specialists have lived and explored this region in-depth and are constantly returning to learn more. If you are curious there’s no one better to ask – Contact us today for more info!
Adventures Croatia
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