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Travel Apps We Love

26 Jan

Travel Apps We Love

So you’re traveling to Croatia – congratulations! You’re one step closer to having a life-changing and memorable holiday in our favorite country.

Most of our travelers opt to disconnect with their everyday lives while they’re abroad, and we don’t blame them. It’s nice to take a break from reality and enjoy every moment of your Croatian adventure. However, technology can help our travelers immerse themselves in a new culture and avoid getting lost – even if you don’t have a cell signal.

These are the Adventures Croatia team’s favorite apps while traveling Croatia:


Packpoint takes the time of year and any fun activities you’re considering and creates a packing list for you. This is a great supplement to our team’s packing advice, which will be sent with your pre-trip information about six weeks before your trip 


Our trips don’t include flights to and from your hometown, so why don’t you try hopper? If you searched online and felt like flights were too expensive or all the same price, you’re right! Your web browser saves your searches and gives you the same pricing. Avoid that by using Hopper on your phone/tablet. It’s a great way to find flights at any price range!

Google Maps

Google’s map app is one of our favorites! You can save your searches offline, which makes navigating the city or walking to a beach a breeze. Download your maps before you leave your hotel’s Wi-Fi, and you’ll be ready to explore.

XE Converter

Want to know how much that wine is in US dollars? Look no further than XE Converter. It’s easy to use and it works offline; perfect for finding the best trinkets in town.


Most Croatians speak perfect English, and your drivers and guides will help you navigate any language barrier. However, if you’re walking around town and can’t figure out a word or phrase, iTranslate will be your best friend. It’s very simple to use and if you download the phrases, you can use the app offline. It’s especially useful when you’re meeting locals, ordering food, and exploring on your own.

While there are thousands of apps on the market, these are the ones our travel specialists use to travel throughout Croatia and beyond. 

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