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The Churches, Basilicas and Cathedrals of Croatia: Divinely Inspired Architecture

Euphrasius Basilica
7 Dec

The Churches, Basilicas and Cathedrals of Croatia: Divinely Inspired Architecture

Often, the most beautiful architectural structures present in any culture are its churches and cathedrals. This is because their design is said to be inspired by a higher power. Therefore, very talented and devoted architects throughout the history of our country have designed some of the most awe-inspiring places of worship in the world. As you select one of our Croatia travel packages, you should consider visiting one of the stunning churches, basilicas and cathedrals of Croatia.

  • Porec – Euphrasius Basilica: This basilica was built around the 553rd year! Its luxurious marble columns point towards the heavens and supports the surrounding cathedral. Inside are beautiful mosaics which are representative of Byzantine art. Thus, the cathedral is an example of fine art, a piece of history and of course a source of inspiration for the devout. The surrounding complex has been listed by UNESCO as a Worlds Heritage Site.
  • Church of St. Mary (Beram): This chapel is in the woods and so remote that many people do not notice it unless it is pointed out to them specifically. However, it is worth visiting nonetheless because of its eye-popping frescoes which depicts scenes such as Jesus in Jerusalem, the Last Supper etc and the dance of death painted by Vincent de Kastav in 1474.
  • Church of St. Blaise – Dubrovnik: Dubrovnik – which as we have said in the past is referred to as ‘The Pearl of the Adriatic’ – hosts this 18th-century baroque church on Luza Square dedicated to the patron saint and protector of the city.
  • Cathedral of St. Domnius– Split: This cathedral claims to be the oldest in the world and is where the remains of Saint Domnius – the Patron saint of Split – rests.7Euphrasius Basilica
  • Church of St. Mark – Zagreb: One of our best Croatia travel tips is to visit St. Mark’s Church while you are here. The church is an example of Romanesque architecture, with significant 19th century additions of the roof and bell tower. In the interior of the church is the exquisite architecture and design of the legendary Croatian sculptor Ivan Mestrovic.

In short, even if you are not devout we feel that you owe it to yourself to witness some of the most inspirational architecture in all of Croatia. See what extremely talented men throughout history have created to honor the divine. 

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