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Plitvice Lakes National Park

20 Jul

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Plitvice Lakes National Park is a true Croatian gem which borders Bosnia and Herzegovina. If you haven’t already heard about this place, hopefully, this blog will intrigue you enough to explore more and to visit this magnificent place with us soon.

As you can guess by the name, the park is known for its beautiful lakes and waterfalls. There are actually 16 different lakes in the park! It can take up to six hours or longer to explore everything by foot. But that’s what attracts nature lovers to this park – amazing trails, views, fairy tale-like setting, rich flora, and fauna. You can also get a free boat ride to shave off a couple of hours from your day and also enjoy sightseeing by boat.

Plitvice Lakes National Park has two different sections, the upper lake section, and the lower lake section. Upon entering, you would start the visit with the main upper part of the waterfalls moving down where you will continue to explore the lower level of this picturesque place. There are half day and full day guided tours that we can include in your itinerary. These tours will give you plenty of information about the park and how it formed.

You can easily spend the whole day here if you choose – it’s so beautiful that you wouldn’t want to leave. Many of our active adventure loving customers extend their stay to two or more days. There is no camping allowed in the park but there are a few awesome hotels that are walking distance to the park. If you want to include a 2-day visit to the park in your itinerary, you can rest right there after a long day of hiking. There are a few restaurants on site that you can take a break at and refuel.

There is so much exploring and cycling that one can do!  The trails and views are truly phenomenal. Charge up your phones and bring extra memory cards as your devices will be full of photo trophies! You may even be lucky to see animals and rare flowers. Flora and fauna are very diverse and many large animals such as deer, lynx, boars and even wolves and bears live on higher elevations.

One of the rare orchids – the Lady’s Slipper – can be spotted here and is protected by the Croatian Red Book of protected species. It is considered the most beautiful orchid in Europe. Plitvice has managed to keep its beauty and charm, thanks to strict conservation regulations and all the visitors who have shown respect to the park. It is prohibited to walk outside the marked footprints, gather flowers and “keepsakes” from the park, damage trees, and plants and go into the water.  But admiring this pristine piece of nature and taking plenty of selfies sure is encouraged.  


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