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Museum of Broken Relationships

24 Oct

Museum of Broken Relationships

If you think you’ve had your share of “bad relationships” and heartache, take a step into the Museum of Broken Relationships located in the center of the historic town of Zagreb in Croatia. This unusual museum takes you through… a few bad relationships and stories donated from people all around the world. It’s like reading short-stories of broken hearts and witnessing other people’s stories of troubled relationships. 

This museum was conceptualized by two artists who had actually gone through a difficult break-up between the two of them and had joked about setting up a museum based on their memorabilia. Well, a few years after their breakup the joke became a reality and after a few more years, the museum received the Award for Innovation and went on a World Tour and even opened a sister-museum in Los Angeles.

The intent behind such an exhibit was to help people overcome their troubled relationships. You think you have it bad? Read anonymous truthful stories that could possibly relate to you and maybe learn from other people’s experiences. Not all of them are sad and many show hope, growth, change, and wisdom. This exhibit might make you feel better about your relationship or give you an idea or two on how to fix it.  

The Museum of Broken Relationships is open year-round, although it has different hours depending on the season. All displays have English captions.

After the stroll down memory lane, stop by the museum’s café for some wonderful mulled wine and fresh pastries. The souvenir shop offers cute handmade items that will remind you positively of the museum and hopefully leave you with a pleasant reminder of Croatia. This museum is included in our itineraries and we will gladly take a stroll around some interesting relationships with you, give you a shoulder to lean on if necessary, and guide you to the best bar nearby.

Featured photo: 2nd Zagreb Display – by Natasa Njegovanovic

“Love” photo: 2nd Zagreb – by Alan Vajdic

go to Museum of Broken Relationships website

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