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Golden Horn Beach – Everything You Need to Know

Golden Horn Beach
24 Mar

Golden Horn Beach – Everything You Need to Know

Croatia is famously known for hosting many geographic wonders. The country is home to over 1,000 islands and islets, including an island that many of you may have heard of, called Brač. Not-so-secretly hidden on the island is the world famous Zlatni Rat or, Golden Horn Beach. But why is this beach so well renowned?

What is it and Why is it Famous?

Golden Horn Beach is a popular seaside destination that attracts thousands of tourists every year. The beach can easily hold over 10,000 visitors at a time and is a great daytime trip for people of all ages. The mornings at the beach typically have little to no wind, while the afternoons can be a bit windier, but only on one side of the beach. The other side has quite calm waters regardless of the time of day, which makes for a perfect area for families visiting with children.

Written about by many famous blogs and magazines, Golden Horn Beach has a unique shape, making it a symbol of the Island of Brač and even Croatia as a whole. The beach gets its name from its shape, which is like a peninsula made up of golden pebbles, extending over 1,500 feet into the crystal clear sea that surrounds it. Interestingly, the peninsula has been growing every year and has extended by over 250 feet since 2006.

As if all of that doesn’t already sound amazing, the beach is also a bit of an anomaly. Believe it or not, the wind and the tide affect the shape and position of the beach. One day the beach can appear to be straight, while the next day the tip could be rotated quite significantly one way or the other.

Golden Horn Beach

How to Get There

If you are staying on the island of Brač, Golden Horn Beach is easily accessible by various means of transportation. During the summer months, travelers can arrive at the beach via a small tourist train that goes from Bol to Zlatni Rat, or via tourist boats departing from the port in Bol. Travelers can also easily walk the 20 minutes from Bol to Golden Horn Beach, taking a sunny stroll along the glorious island coast, through towering pine tree groves and other hidden spots of golden sand dotted along the way.

If you are not staying on Brač, don’t worry! There is a ferry that travels between Split and Bol, departing twice daily, and is an affordable option for transportation to the island of Brač. You can also arrive at the beach through our private charter options, or during one of the many exclusive island hopping tours curated by our team. Chartering your own private boat or embarking on a tour that is specifically designed for island adventure is the best way to explore any of the Croatian islands!

Spending a Day at the Beach

There is plenty to do when planning your day at Golden Horn Beach. Thrill seekers can take advantage of the strong winds that regularly blow in the afternoons, making for perfect kitesurfing weather. There is also an assortment of kitesurfing centers, where visitors can stop by for equipment rentals or to take lessons.

Options are endless for those seeking a more relaxing day at the beach. The beach offers activities such as volleyball, jet skis, paddle boats, and kayaks. The pebbled beach is also comfortable for sitting and enjoying a picnic, but if you forget to pack a snack, there are a couple of restaurants serving delicious food extremely close by.

Whether you choose to visit Golden Horn Beach and then head back to the mainland or explore more of the island, this unique beach visit is an absolute must. If all this talk about golden beaches, sunny seaside relaxation, and geographic wonders has you eager to check it out for yourself, contact us to help you plan your dream vacation!

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