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Eat like the locals!

2 May

Eat like the locals!


Don’t you agree that one of the most pleasurable aspects of travel is to sample delicious cuisine? Judging from culinary articles and the recommendations of returning travelers from Croatia, wonderful food is to be had in this Balkan paradise! If you want spectacular scenery, fascinating history and glorious architecture all served up to you on a plate shared with delectable local cuisine, then Croatia is your destination. Anthony Bourdain featured the culinary delights of this country on his show “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations” and people all over the world have agreed that “fresh and local” rule supreme in Croatia.

A bounty of fresh fish and shellfish is the speciality of the numerous fishing villages on the Dalmatian coast, from succulent oysters and shrimp to rich, oily fish grilled over native woods on the gridele and then drizzled with lemon juice and olive oil. Sample the scampi buzara, shrimp tossed with tomato sauce, shallots, garlic and wine. How about feasting on tender stews such as pasticada, beef and bacon cooked in a sauce of herbs and fresh vegetables? Or taste bobici, a bean stew with sweet corn and brodet, a fish stew of the local catch with crab and shrimp. Dine on traditional sarma, cabbage leaves stuffed with minced beef, pork and bacon. Imagine whole lambs tasting of the aromatic herbs they grazed upon roasted on a spit and served with potatoes and onions. Feast on peka, a dish of beef, poultry, or veal placed in a steel bowl on top of chopped potatoes and drizzled with spices and olive oil, then covered tightly and placed in an oven or furnace until the meat is roasted to perfection.

Each inland region has its own distinct grilling and cooking techniques and travel throughout the country becomes a largesse of palate pleasing delight. When your sweet tooth takes hold, enjoy cukarine, biscuits made crumbly rich with fresh butter and scented with citrus. Try the rapska torta, a cake made from marzipan and rolled in sweet pastry and rozata, a custard topped with syrup. And just to ensure that you’ve found gastronomic heaven on Earth, indulge in some of the most precious morsels anywhere, Croatia’s legendary black and white truffles. Savor these incredible delicacies grated over fresh eggs or on fuzi, an Istrian pasta with parmigiano cheese. This is where you go to eat regional food made with the freshest ingredients and flavored with the tastes of the salty coastline air and the lavender and spice scented inland meadows. Simply put, Croatia is waiting for you to partake in its bounty each delicious day!

Written by Pamela Robinson

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