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Croatian Chocolate

31 Jan

Croatian Chocolate


Do you have a sweet tooth? When it comes to chocolate, Croatia takes it seriously. If you ask Croatians, they believe that their chocolate is the best in the world! The Croatian chocolatier Gustaloto was the talk of the International Chocolate Awards in 2016, and in 2017 Croatian chocolate maker Nadalina took the third place in the world. Nadalina also has the Guinness World Record for making the world’s largest chocolate bar. In honor of the Chocolate & Wine Festival in Istria, happening Feb. 17 and 18, we wanted to share our favorite Croatian chocolate!



Nadalina is located in Split. They make high-quality raw dark chocolate bars with over 85% cacao and also add unique flavors that you might not usually see in typical chocolate. For example, they infuse chocolate with rosemary, figs, and even olive oil. Nadalina makes chocolates into interesting shapes: their most famous product is a box of tools made entirely out of chocolate.

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Nautilus infuses traditional Croatian ingredients from lavender to Mediterranean herbs. They export their products around the world but make sure to grab a box while you are in Croatia. Another great aspect of Nautilus is that it’s owned by a woman and only employs women. 

Courtesy of Nautilus Facebook


Solana Nin

Do you prefer salty snacks to sweet ones? Solana Nin’s chocolate with sea salt flowers is a perfect mix of sweet and salty. You can choose between milk or dark chocolate, and it makes for a tasty treat and wonderful gift to bring back home for your friends and family. 


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Kraš is one of Croatia’s more traditional chocolate makers, and its brand Brajadera is one of the best-known in Croatia. They have more familiar chocolate combinations such as chocolate nougat, chocolate almonds, and chocolate biscuits. Kraš offers sugar-free products for those who cannot eat sugar, and their chocolate has lower calories and is a better choice for those watching their waistline.


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Chocolate treats make life sweeter. When you visit Croatia, make sure to taste different types of chocolate that you can’t find at home. Make sure to indulge a bit on your next trip; it’s worth it!


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