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Croatia Update – June 9th 2021

9 Jun

Croatia Update – June 9th 2021

Croatia’s Minister of Health Confirms the Country is on Track to Vaccinate Half of the Population

Vili Beroš, Croatia’s Minister of Health, announced last week on Twitter that 40% of the country’s adult population has already been vaccinated. This brilliant news signifies how close the Balkan country is to reaching its goal of vaccinating as many citizens as possible. The minister went on to voice his confidence in the idea that over half the population would be vaccinated in the near future.

Beroš’ Tweet read: “We have made a new step forward – 40 percent of the adult population has been vaccinated. Thank you to the vaccinators for each dose administered and to the vaccinated citizens for their trust in science and the profession. We are on the right track to vaccinating more than half of the adult population”.

In terms of what this means for travelers, there has been a conscious effort to focus a number of vaccinations on tourism workers. Therefore, those coming into contact with tourist communities are more likely to have been protected against COVID-19. It is a symbol of how the country is taking great strides towards welcoming travelers back to enjoying its golden shores, crystal clear waters and bountiful natural splendor.

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