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Croatia Travel Update – May 6th 2021

6 May

Croatia Travel Update – May 6th 2021

Croatia Administers a Record Number of Cvid-19 Vaccinations to Its Citizens

With the world seeming to have turned a corner in terms of heading back in the direction of normality, there are positive pockets of news appearing all over the media. Among these morale-boosting updates was the fact that Croatia administered a record-breaking number of vaccinations last week. This is a symbol of the country’s accommodating determination to welcome travelers back to its plentiful shores.

According to the Croatian Institute of Public Health (HZJZ), an incredible 46,887 doses of Covid-19 vaccine were administered on April 29, 2021. The historic Balkan nation hopes to have as many as 1.8 million citizens vaccinated by the end of June. This makes the prospect of traveling to Croatia this summer in search of warm sunshine, sapphire waters and rich culture all the more real. 

As we make our way towards a time where the headlines are not dominated by Covid-19 and we can travel freely, why not start planning your next trip to Croatia? If you don’t know where to start, that’s what we are here for. Our team of experts and passionate travelers can help design a bespoke vacation that caters to your every need. Let us do the organizing whilst you enjoy the treasures that this European gem has to offer. Start planning your dream trip by clicking here.

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