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Twenty Years of Peace and Prosperity

5 Feb

Twenty Years of Peace and Prosperity

Operation Storm Anniversary Parade

November 2015 marked a joyful milestone in Croatian history as we celebrated 20 years of peace and prosperity.

Just a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to briefly thank former President Clinton for his role in stabilizing the regions of the former Yugoslavia.  To my surprise, a handshake and acknowledgment of Mr. Clinton’s work became an in-depth conversation regarding the accomplishment this former President holds very near and dear to his heart, as do the Croatian people.

Pamela and President Bill Clinton

For over 6 years I’ve been building Adventures Croatia’s business and expanding our relationships and friendships in Croatia. During this period, we have had the privilege of working very closely with extraordinarily talented locals and travel suppliers throughout the Balkan region.

As an American who has traveled extensively all over the world, I am always amazed and so appreciative of how the Croatians REALLY like and embrace American travelers. Compared to many other countries, Croatia is a place Americans can feel very safe and also much appreciated.  Certainly, this is a refreshing concept for many world travelers… and for those thinking about traveling to Croatia, just one of the dozens of responses we offer when asked… “Why Croatia?”

Here’s a toast to peace, to the continuing positive relations and travel experiences Croatia and the surrounding countries have to offer American Travelers!

Zivili! (toast to life!)

Adventures Croatia
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