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9 Things You Should Bring on Your Next Transatlantic Flight and 1 that You Should Not!

23 Feb

9 Things You Should Bring on Your Next Transatlantic Flight and 1 that You Should Not!

9 Things You Should Bring on an International Flight - Adventures CroatiaTake a look at this checklist of the 10 things that you should and shouldn’t take on an international jetliner.

  1. Passport and travel insurance – this is a pretty obvious one and is the most important but you will be surprised to know how many Americans forget that they need a valid passport for international travel and tourist visa in some cases. That’s why booking with the travel agency will ensure that all is explained and taken care of for you, so you just need to keep it organized. We advise to have a copy of your documents that is kept separate from your original documents during the travel.
  1. Travel pillow & sleeping aid – unless you are flying First Class cabin, you may want to grab a travel pillow for extra head support while waiting and flying. International flights usually do offer small pillows, but many travelers bring their own for extra comfort. If you have a preferred sleeping aid that will make it easier for you to snooze in a noisy airplane environment, give it a try. The more you sleep on the plane, the shorter your flight will seem to you and it may ease your jetlag symptoms afterward.
  1. Personal entertainment – To help you sit back and relax most airlines provide in-flight entertainment. If you made your own video and audio selection for the long flight, your phone, tablet or laptop will come handy and you sure can use it during the flight. Your own earphones would assure the best sound quality but you can always request a headset on the plane as well. If you own a noise canceling headphones, definitely bring them as well to make the flight more enjoyable.
  1. Chargers and battery pack – Since you will be probably be hooked to your technology for hours and will rely on it heavily while traveling on foot, make sure to pack a USB cable, chargers, Universal plug that works in different countries overseas, and portable phone chargers. Most of the new planes have electrical outlets at every seat where you can plug in USB cables but your own USB charging cable that is long enough for you to still use your device easily when it is plugged in will come handy at airports and train stations during travel.
  1. Extra layer – should be packed in your carry-on and is always recommended even if you are traveling in hot summer weather. Airplane cabin temperature is kept cool and numerous seat air vents around might feel a bit drafty. International flights provide blankets, but your own cozy layer will probably feel better.
  1. Toiletries and deodorants – On a long flight, it is a smart idea to keep some basic travel size toilet kits in your carryon bag to freshen up. Many passengers rely heavily on moisturizers during travel as the recycled cabin air tends to be dry. But remember all carry on containers should not be greater than 3 oz.
  1. Comfortable Shoes & stretchy pants for good circulation Long hours of restricted movement may affect your circulation to some degree and your may notice increased swelling of ankles. Try to walk around and stretch out and always wear comfortable non-restricting clothing and comfortable shoes that are easy to slip on and off. Comfort comes first!
  1. Pen – Keep a pen handy – you will have to fill out customs documents.
  2. Vitamin C – this is completely optional but we grab immune boosting supplements that you can add to your water during the flight for the extra boost. No one wants to be sick during a vacation, so take your vitamins before, during the flight and during your trip.


What not to bring?

  1. Fruits & beverages – the European Union has very strict rules on what fruit, seeds, and vegetables you can bring in the countries, so it’s better to avoid carrying them as snacks altogether not to break any laws that you may not even be aware of.

When booking with Adventures Croatia, you can rest assured that we take care of all your trip itineraries, so all you have to do is to pack your vacation gear and go through this checklist to prepare for the flight. Your next adventure is waiting for you!

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