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Croatia Destination Highlight – Brač

Croatia Destination Highlight – Brač

Discover paradise on Brač Island, the hidden gem of the Adriatic Sea! Just a stone’s throw from the mainland of Croatia lies Brač Island with its captivating inland landscapes and pristine white-pebble beaches. It offers travelers an authentic Croatian experience as they learn more about its fascinating history, delicious delicacies and cultural highlights. Holidays to Brač Island are truly an unforgettable adventure that speaks to all kinds of travelers seeking a relaxing getaway.

Our team of Croatia travel specialists are extremely knowledgeable about all things Croatia and can help you create the ultimate itinerary for your next vacation. We offer tailor-made tour options that allow you to create bespoke Brač Island holidays which suit your travel preferences to perfection. 

So, whether you’re looking for the perfect beach vacation or an island-hopping adventure around Croatia’s picturesque islands, we’ve got you covered. Learn more about our custom tours to Croatia.

Is Brač Island worth visiting? 

Brač Island is one of the most beautiful islands in Croatia (and this is quite a statement considering there are plenty of islands to visit here – over a thousand to be exact). As a result, the island has become incredibly popular with tourists for its natural formations, cultural experiences, and outdoor recreational activities. 

Every year, travelers will plan week-long holidays to Brač Island or take day trips to witness its spectacular beauty for themselves. Its charming villages, historic architecture, and golden limestone beaches make it a highly sought-after holiday destination.

Brač Island holidays could be what you’re searching for for your next vacation away. If so, start planning your trip early with our travel experts to avoid disappointment as hotels, flights, and excursions can get booked up quickly!

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overlooking the island of Brač from above its rooftops and the sea

Things to do on Brač Island

Offering everything from stunning natural landscapes to exhilarating outdoor activities, there are plenty of things to do on Brač Island that will keep travelers entertained for hours on end. Whether you’re thinking about an exciting day trip from Croatia’s coastal cities or creating week-long holidays to Brač island, it’s not difficult to fill up your itinerary when traveling here.

Here are our top things to do on Brač Island:

Captivating Brač Beaches

One of the best things to do on Brač Island is exploring its hidden coves and picturesque white-pebbled stone beaches. With the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea and lush green landscapes that surround its shores, the natural beauty of Brač is truly on another level. 

Many tourists travel to Brač to visit the world-famous beach Zlatni Rat (otherwise known as Golden Horn Beach), for its unique land formation and swimming opportunities. Be sure to soak up the Mediterranean sun and fully relax on these stunning beaches. To include tours of Brač’s beaches on your next holiday to Croatia, speak to our travel experts today. 

Brač world-famous beach Zlatni Rat (otherwise known as Golden Horn Beach)

Sightseeing and Cultural Highlights

Full of charming villages and centuries-old architecture, such as the iconic Blaca Monastery, Brač Island has plenty of sightseeing opportunities that make for some interesting walking tours. The island is particularly famous for its high-quality limestone, which has been used in many iconic structures around the island (and the world). We highly recommend picking up some of the local crafts made from the iconic stone while venturing around the island. 

The food found on Brač island is among some of the freshest and most flavorsome in Croatia. Offering local seafood and traditional Dalmatian recipes which reflect the island’s vibrant culture. You can’t leave without trying the local wine and olive oils, although you may have to get a second bottle to take home with you!

To include walking tours and culinary delights to your holidays to Brač Island, speak to our team today.

Outdoor Activities in Brač

Looking for something to get the blood pumping? There are plenty of things to do on Brač Island that will suit the adrenaline junkies amongst you as well as please the nature seekers.

From beautiful hikes to serene cycling routes, the island is the perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts, including the opportunity to snorkel, swim, and enjoy water sports with the backdrop of the Adriatic behind you.

Boat Excursions and Day Trips from Brač

If you plan on staying in Brač for your vacation to Croatia, you can easily take advantage of its central location to visit many popular destinations along the Adriatic coast. Popular destinations Dubrovnik and Split are both of which are easily accessible by ferry from Brač Island.

You can also plan an exclusive island-hopping vacation with our team of travel specialists. Visit some of the surrounding islands, venture to hidden coves, find secret caves and experience a life of luxury with a private chef and skipper on board all of our private charters.

Brač island holidays tourists enjoying their vacation on a beach, swimming and sunbathing

How to Get to Brač Island?

Brač does have its very own airport located in Bol, which provides convenient domestic connections between the mainland and the islands of Croatia. This means you will have to get a separate flight into one of Croatia’s bigger airports located on the mainland, such as Split Airport, or Zagreb and catch a separate flight to arrive at Bol. 

If you would prefer to keep your flights to a minimum, there is also a frequent ferry service which runs to the island from Split. For help planning your transportation to Croatia, and understanding the best route for you, you can read our comprehensive Croatia flight guide, which provides you with all the essential information about Croatia’s airports. You can also get in touch with our travel experts who will happily help you organize your flights in line with one of our tours. 

Staying in Brač

Brač is full of charming accommodations, from boutique hotels to quaint villas which make for an incredible stay on the island. As part of our bespoke travel planning service, we can help you find the perfect stay based on your travel preferences. 

When planning custom holidays to Brač Island with our team, we will listen to your needs and specifically cater your accommodation around your travel plans, including where you will be visiting, how many rooms you require for your travel party and if you want food and drink included in your stay.

Holidays to Brač Island

There are many ways you can experience the island of Brač for yourself. Here at Adventures Croatia, we have many pre-planned tours to Croatia that include Brač on their itinerary. We also offer tailor-made experiences where you will work with our travel expert to create bespoke Brač island holidays that suit your travel preferences. Learn more about our custom tour option.

Brač Island horbor with boats docked up in front of the old stone buildings with a mountian in the background

Planning Luxury Brač Island Holidays with Adventures Croatia

Are you ready to create lifelong memories on Brač Island? Holidays to Brač Island offer a spectacular cultural, historical and natural experience you won’t find elsewhere in Croatia. 

To start the planning process give us a call at 1-800-818-8015 or email info@adventurescroatia.com to learn more about our exclusive deals and tour options to Brač.

If you are a travel professional with clients seeking an unforgettable experience in Brač, Croatia, we would be happy to work with you. Become a qualified agent to hear more.

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