Active Travel Honeymoon in Croatia

Active travelers and honeymooners with a thirst for adventure will love this Adventures Croatia package tour.

From your first day arriving at the beautiful city of Zagreb, you will be immersed in an authentic culture and dine on fabulous local cuisine. Our expert travel guides will make you feel like a native from the very start. Continue your honeymoon journey by private transfer to beautiful islands in Croatia, where you can hike waterfalls in Plitvice National Park, kayak on Rab’s azure coastline, explore the famous Modrić Cave, and ancient Roman Forum. Enjoy your honeymoon while white water rafting on the Cetina River on Split and delight in its old world charms by night. Rest in Hvar and marvel at the architecture of ancient times. Finish in Dubrovnik, a place that has often been called one of the most magical and romantic cities in the world. All the while enjoying sumptuous stays at wonderful hotels. This is your dream vacation! And we are here to provide you the best travel packages with outstanding travel plans.Here, we have listed the schedule:


13 Day Private Journey for 2 persons (can be customized for up to 8 Persons)
Available May through September

Zagreb - Upper City - Adventures CroatiaDay 1

Arrival to Zagreb

Our guides will meet you at the airport for a private transfer to Hotel, which features a rich tradition of hospitality and the hotel’s prime location at Zagreb’s main city square makes it a perfect choice for experiencing the heart of the city in Croatia. Just a short walk from the hotel you will find the most important cultural, government and business institutions, the main shopping area, open-­air market, lively cafes and taverns, historical upper town, parks and promenades. Within no time, you will feel like a native city dweller!

Day 2

Zagreb – Plitvice Lakes National Park – Island Rab
A morning departure by private transfer to Plitvice National Park, which is the perfect travel place for honeymooners is where you will enjoy a hiking tour of the park. The awe-inspiring beauty of this area’s 16 lakes, complemented by its natural diversity and harmony of shapes and colors during any season, is based on many mutually conditioned natural characteristics. Plitvice Lakes, known as “Falling lakes”, have enjoyed the status of a national park since 1949 and have been under the protection of UNESCO since 1979.

Late afternoon, arrival to Rab town on island Rab. Settle in the Hotel in the historic town center, which used to serve as a refuge to the European aristocracy. It is one of the most elite hotels on Rab Island, known for excellent quality of service. Meet your travel guide, who will outline your sea kayak itinerary for the next day and prepare you by answering any questions you might have.

Day 3

Island Rab

Row with us on a magical adventure to discover the original beauty of the flora and fauna of Rab’s fabulous coastline. One of the highlights is Kalifront and its amazing array of beaches – sandy, rocky, gravel, and everything in between -­ all lining up one after another in a cascade. The Medova Buža (Bear Hole) is a treasure of stalagmites and stalactites, as well as a protected species of bats. You will enjoy kayaking to various bays and beaches, activities such as swimming, diving, hiking, and volleyball and marvel at the astonishing natural life such as dolphins, griffon vultures, and bat colonies in your honeymoon tour. Our travel expert guides know, and love, every bit of the area, making sure you’ll have as much fun as they do each and every trip! Return to your hotel in the late afternoon and enjoy your last night on island Rab.

Day 4

Island Rab – Island Pag

You’ll receive a private transfer in the morning to Island Pag. Settle into a charming hotel where guests emphasize the serenity, and extremely peaceful surroundings, as the greatest value of this hotel’s accommodation. This hotel also features a remarkable restaurant and a traditional tavern in the basement. Enjoy a day of leisure on the beaches of Pag and an exclusive wine pairing dinner at your hotel with a private visit to their wine cellar led by the owner himself!

Day 5

Island Pag

Meet your travel guide in the morning and head for a day of hiking on island Pag! Its moonlike landscape, sprinkled with aromatic herbs and a unique wildlife, was molded by the strong north wind called Bura. Climb the highest peak of the island, Sveti Vid and marvel at the view. There is no better place to observe Pag’s rocky moonscape, its indented coast, beautiful wall of the Velebit Mountain, numerous other islands, and crystal blue sea in which they are dipped, than from Sveti Vid. Return to your hotel for the last night on island Pag.

Day 6

Modrić Cave – Zadar

Our chauffeur will meet you in the morning for private transfer to Zadar, including a visit to the Modrić Cave. Spelunkers have described the amazing Modrić Cave as one the best experiences in Croatia, Europe! This small, 840 meters long, hollow in the ground is so beautifully decorated that each step is a unique discovery. The cave is not accessible for large groups of tourists and this ensures a very personal adventure.

Upon arrival to Zadar, check into a unique city boutique-­hotel, which accentuates the cultural heritage of Zadar. Enjoy a private tour of the city in the evening. This historic city was the capital of Dalmatia for many centuries. The ancient peninsula still preserves the old network of narrow and charming city streets, as well as a Roman forum dating back to the first century AD. The modern installations of the “Sea Organ” and the “Salute to the Sun” only add to the charm of Zadar.

Day 7

Zadar – Krka National Park – Split

Meet your chauffeur in the morning for a private transfer to Split via Krka National Park in Croatia..
On its green path, you’ll find the River Krka and its seven falls, the last one being the amazing Skradinski Buk. Thanks to the constant process of travertine building, the Krka River is a karst phenomenon, carving a spectacular canyon on its 70 kilometers journey from the foothills of Dinara mountains to the amazing estuary under the walls of historic Šibenik. Walk the winding wooden paths through the main park area, take a swim under the waterfalls and visit the ethno museum housed in one of the old mills at Skradinski Buk.

Upon arrival to Split check into one of Dalmatia’s most exciting and fashionable boutique hotels, standing in place of a refurbished factory built almost 100 years ago. Within steps of the ancient city of Split, you can now enjoy old world charm and state of the art luxury. Hotel features comfortable and modern rooms, a cozy wellness area, dining room and lobby bar with a view of the city life of Split. Enjoy your honeymoon afternoon at leisure.

Day 8

Split – Cetina river

Your honeymoon adventure begins in the early morning with a transfer from Split to Omiš. The three to four-hour-long rafting trip takes you down a 10 kilometer long part of the Cetina River. (Depending on water levels you will be rafting or kayaking) The Cetina River was a perfect strategic getaway for the famously feared pirates of Omiš who were skilled enough to attack and loot Venetian trade ships in the 13th and 14th century. They would attack at the mouth of the river Cetina and then quickly retreat up the river with their small boats as the ships could not follow. When rafting on Cetina River, you will be maneuvering through the same twists and turns as the Omiš pirates once did! Crystal clear and pleasant for swimming, Cetina River today represents the genuine experience of the intact nature with its 180 meters high cliffs, lakes, basins, wild rapids and subterranean tunnels. Return to your hotel in the late afternoon for the last night in Split.

Day 9

Split – Hvar Island

Departure for Hvar town on island Hvar aboard a catamaran. Your travel guide will assist you with transfer and tickets. Upon arrival, take your time to situate in the historic hotel located in an ancient Palace, built in the XIV century, once the rich and magnificent residence of the aristocratic family and now completely restored as the elegant and refined hotel. Called the ‘Croatian Madeira’, as it receives 2724 hours of sunshine each year, island Hvar is a unique experience. Between protective pine‐covered slopes and the azure Adriatic, medieval Hvar town exudes more than a whiff of Venice. It was under Venetian rule that Hvar’s citizens developed the fine stone­‐carving skills that resulted in a profusion of beautifully ornamented buildings. After an afternoon of leisure enjoy a wonderful sunset hike of Hvar Island in Croatia. As we wind our way through villages, you’ll see wonderful examples of Hvar’s traditional architecture, ways of living, and learn about medicinal herbs.

Day 10

Hvar – Vis Island

Motorboat transfer to islands Vis and Biševo in the morning. The islands are famous for their inlets and caves, most famous being Modra Špilja (the Blue Cave) in the Balun Cove, accessible only by a boat. On a sunny day, when the sea is calm, especially at noon, sunbeams penetrate through an underwater opening, and the effect of the sea bottom reflecting and illuminating the cave with azure color is incredible. Also, visit the Green cave. Berth in the ancient harbor of Vis, famous for being the site of the first Greek colony in 4th century B.C. Enjoy an afternoon at leisure and last night on island Hvar.

Day 11

Hvar – Dubrovnik

Leave Hvar bright and early in the morning on a catamaran and arrive in Split an hour later. Our chauffeur will meet you at the port for a private transfer to Dubrovnik. On your way stop at Mali Ston, an area known for the best seafood in Croatia! Upon arrival to Dubrovnik, check into a delightful hotel which stands proudly on the coastline and is surrounded by ancient gardens with rich Mediterranean vegetation. The building was fully restored to its former glory in 2008. The hotel offers luxuriously furnished rooms located in two wings connected by the building’s original stone staircase, which after renovation has been preserved as a reminder of times gone by. The hotel is classified among the 30 most charming hotels in Croatia, Europe. It’s no wonder it has received such significant praise since it’s a place where charm and the rich wealth of tradition are intertwined with the simplicity and elegance of the modern age.

Join your travel guide for a private late afternoon walking tour of this incredibly romantic city. George Bernard Shaw was enchanted by this beautiful city, saying “those who seek paradise on Earth should come to Dubrovnik and see Dubrovnik”, as well as, famously, describing it as “the pearl of the Adriatic”. Dubrovnik truly is a stunning city with its amazing Old Town, which became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1979. A magnificent curtain of walls surrounds marble streets and baroque buildings that exude a pearly light in the Adriatic sun.

Day 12

Dubrovnik -­ Konavle

Morning at leisure. Leave Dubrovnik in the afternoon to visit the beautiful interior of the area known as Konavle. Framed by the southern mountains of Herzegovina and Montenegro, its small population lives in some 32 picturesque villages scattered across this southeastern tip of Croatia. Enjoy the coastal views on a 2.5 hour horseback ride while on an 11 km trail. Afterward, experience a Konavle signature culinary dish, in an authentic village konoba deep in the hillside, the finest lamb slowly roasted under a thick iron pan covered in hot coals. Yours to savor with a glass of delicious local wine for a farewell dinner! Return to Dubrovnik late evening.

Day 13

Dubrovnik – Departure day!

Finally, your honeymoon vacation in Croatia ends here! Private transfer from your hotel to the airport.


Active Honeymoon in Croatia – Zagreb to Konavle – 13 Days

  • Available from May through September
  • Private Journey for 2-8 Persons Maximum
  • Travel packages/prices are based on number of passengers traveling and dates of travel
  • Hotels are not guaranteed until confirmed