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Why Do You Love To Travel?

10 Sep

Why Do You Love To Travel?

As a business that has provided luxury travel experiences for over 10 years, we place our focus on creating and enriching the travel experience for our clients. We seek to curate bespoke experiences, from unearthing the most luxurious hotels to discovering delicious local cuisine. But what if for a second we took a step back from all of this? Instead of focusing on the end experience and factors like beautiful beaches, rich culture, and excellent food – what if we stopped to think just about why people dream of traveling? And that’s exactly what we’ve decided to do!

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1. I want to visit as many countries as possible

Travel has the ability to rewire your mind. When you’re at home, even without knowing, your brain can slip into a routine that incorporates a number of stress factors. From long commutes, to a busy work and family life, to those common stresses and strains that have a habit of showing up at the worst moments, life is tough! And after a while that busy routine can start to wear you down. Taking a vacation has the incredible ability to completely reset your brain. Swap that 9am Monday meeting for a freshly prepared breakfast and delicious coffee on the balcony, and that long drive to pick the kids up from school for an exhilarating kayaking experience. Quite quickly your previous routine has been forgotten and you’re left feeling alert, inspired, and full of energy again.

2. I want to create memories of a lifetime

Spending time with loved ones is what life is all about and traveling together takes that experience to a new level. From a first trip with your new love to an anniversary trip to breathe fresh life into your relationship, travel enriches your bond and provides a unique platform to share experiences and appreciate the wonders of new places.

3. I want to be active and get outdoors

Kayaking through a mysterious cave, feeling the coastal wind sweep through your hair as you cycle the ocean roads, or simply exploring towns off the beaten path, adventure comes in many ways when you’re traveling. When you look back with loved ones on memorable experiences from the past, you may find that many of those experiences relate to travel. From positive experiences in memorable locations, to hilarious mishaps, the sense of adventure that traveling provides can broaden your horizons and spark a new energy for life as you conquer new frontiers.

Medieval wall by the sea in Croatia

4. I need to relax and unwind

Sleeping in with a delicious breakfast served to your room. The perfect spot by the pool. A book you’ve been yearning to read, glistening sunshine, the delicate crashing of waves, and carefully watching the clock for when it’s acceptable to have your first perfectly crafted cocktail of the day. While some of us love to rush around and see it all, others dream of  simply recharging and unwinding. And we can’t blame them!

street in Dubrovnik

5. I love to experience new cultures

Not only does a vacation provide excitement and relaxation, it can also be an educational experience. From picking up the local language to exploring local history and discovering unique traditions, you can learn so much in such a short space of time. Unique experiences like wine tours, cheese tasting, truffle hunting, and a visit to a beehive to sample the local produce are all part of enriching experiences to be had while you are on your travels.

rock climbing

6. I want to push myself to new heights 

Discover just how resourceful you are as you’re exposed to a new language, local traditions, and the diversity that travel provides. Each one of us has a different level of comfort which can be pushed in different ways. To some, grappling with the challenge of a new language can be a big setback, while to others it might be exploring the best cliff diving spots with the locals! Either way, challenging yourself and your resourcefulness is an enriching and incredible experience to take home with you.

As you can tell, we miss travelling! With 2020 being such a difficult year for the travel business, we’re dreaming of the future and reminiscing of those incredible moments we’ve spent exploring, adventuring, and ultimately having so much fun. If like us you’re missing travel and you frequently find yourself daydreaming about your next adventure, then why not speak to us about a custom itinerary for 2021? We’ll work with you to curate the perfect experience that fits exactly why YOU want to travel and what you’re looking to experience.

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