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Ultra-Luxe Travel in Croatia with Adventures Croatia

8 Apr

Ultra-Luxe Travel in Croatia with Adventures Croatia

Croatia encompasses all the magic and luxury that Europe has to offer. From sparkling blue bodies of water, delectable wines, and years of history, it is no wonder that Croatia has been one of the most desired destinations for the rich, famous, and the like. 

Opulent leisure does not come easily. Much like society’s elite, you need planning resources that have an attentive and informed eye. A travel agency can give you the ultimate holiday full of sun, beauty, and plenty of opulence—and only Adventures Croatia can plan your ultra-luxurious trip to the spellbinding country of Croatia. 

If you have taken trips in the past and consider yourself a guru of all holiday planning, you still may not get the taste of the high life that you want. To get the best, you have to leave the planning to the best. It takes time and experience to know all that there is to know surrounding Croatian extravagance and luxury. 

Lavish hotels, secluded hideaways, and remote villas—all of which are components that Adventures Croatia hold in their collection of expertise. After 30 years of planning Croatian travel, we have the insider scoop on the best accommodation spots, the most exquisite restaurants, and which destinations attract the most popular celebrities. 

For a personalized, ultra-luxe experience to Croatia that is comparable to that of society’s elite, institute the services of Adventures Croatia into your planning. Perhaps you may even stumble across a prominent celeb in the midst of walking the sands of a hideaway beach. 

Elements of a Luxurious Croatian Holiday

Private Islands 

No luxury stay in Croatia would be complete without a private island. Visit for a few days or the entire trip. After all, it is your exclusive holiday, and you should spend it the way you want. 

Right within the ocean, the private islands are the perfect way to escape the charming bustle of the mainland. Walk along the shores of the Adriatic, just mere miles from the eastern Italian coast, and bask in the natural ambiance that Croatia has to offer. 

Croatia consists of multiple islands off its coast, giving you plenty of options to pick for your personal luxury playground. Within proximity of boats and sea life, Croatian private islands only have one goal in mind—elegant relaxation. 

Become a client among celebrities and influential people and sunbathe in the most exclusive European destinations. 

Personal Yacht Charters

Yachts are the definition of leisurely opulence. Designed for relaxation or sociable enjoyment, these vessels can offer you the fashionable lodging of five-star hotels while whisking you around the Adriatic Sea. 

Our expertise at Adventures Croatia shows that yachts are quintessential in providing ultra-luxe enjoyment of Croatia. One of the country’s main staples is its mesmerizing waters. While you can indulge in the sights from the mainland, why not get up close and tour the waters within them?

Leisurely travel Croatia by mode of the sea and indulge in all the rich beauty it displays. There is nothing else in the world like it, attracting some of the most star-studded cast of society’s elites. 

Pass through the most glorious bodies of water while brisking past some of the most expensive nautical vessels in the world. 

Remote Villas 

A villa has the stylistic elements of classical architecture that naturally captivates some of the world’s richest people. These stunning architectural marvels reflect all the best displays of Croatia. Upholding historical charm and elegant simplicity, a villa is the right accommodation for independent, sumptuous travelers. 

A remote villa is even better than your standard one. Free from neighbors and any unpleasantries, the beautiful remoteness reminds you that you are deserving of a holiday that is comparable to the rich and famous. 

Showcasing the water is one of the core principles of the villa design. As a Mediterranean design approach, villas focus on displaying some of the earth’s most hypnotic views. While you may not be on the water, you can certainly feel up close and personal with your own private views from your remote villa. 

Five-Star Cuisine

Planning the most elegant trips requires only the most elegant dining. Croatia has a unique characteristic of fare that is comparable to food in Italy, Hungary, and Turkey. Still, is holds an array of one-of-a-kind dishes that perfectly complement the natural ambiance of the rest of the country. 

Trying new cuisine on a luxury vacation means tasting only the best. As a prime destination for some of the world’s elite, Croatia is thriving with five-star restaurants that serve the most finicky and most influential. 

Typical tourists go to the same five-star restaurants because they are the more well-known spots. However, our experience as travel planners has led us to some of the hidden gems where only the most exclusive dine. 

Of course, there are dining spots that you simply cannot avoid before leaving your luxury stay in Croatia. On the other hand, the country is filled to the brim with unique and exotic charm—just like the more covert first-class food destinations. 

Exclusive Journeys 

Croatia is more than just beaches and villas. Yes, these are important reasons for picking it for a holiday destination, but there is so much more to see on the mainland. National parks, lakes, vineyards, and villages are all calling your name. 

Though the country can be a place bustling with tourists, exclusive private journeys are available to those travelers who seek elegance and luxury. Tour the land just like the rich and famous and get an up-close and personal experience. 

Tour guides are always available, or you can explore on your own. Small destinations hold limitless possibilities and countless opportunities for a fantastic, one-of-a-kind experience. Only the most exclusive people can tour the country on a personal level—and you get to be a part of them. 

First-Class Service

With all that there is to experience in a leisurely elegant holiday to Croatia, there is no shortage of the first-class service. Our travel agents at Adventures Croatia have worked with some of the most iconic and influential celebrities, meeting up to their standards. You can expect the same level of service. 

All destinations and adventures during the trip are met with the same quality service we expect for any of society’s elite. There are opportunities for food and drink that meet your desires. There are people on hand at all times to help you through your trip if you should need it. 

First-class luxury requires first-class service to complete it. The agents from Adventures Croatia are here to create a holiday that meets your expectations, just as they would any high-profile celebrity client. 

Here’s What Awaits You in Croatia…

Scenic Beaches

One of the most iconic features of Croatia is the stunning beaches. Complete with silky sand and enchanting water, there is almost no way to ignore the waterfront. Since the country is coastal, there are several beaches to visit—and few cater to the exclusive guests. 

With our knowledge of the country and its surrounding islands, you can get a VIP glance at some of the world’s most enthralling shores. The rich, famous, and everyone in between rarely shows up to the well-known beachfront spots, so they lounge at the more private destinations. Rub elbows with some of the most powerful tourists as you gaze out across the water. 

What’s more, Croatia is not limited to beachfront sights from the mainland. With dozens of islands, including private ones, there are a plethora of secret spots to give you a one-of-a-kind view. 

Preserved National Parks

Croatia is not all sand and water. The midland is replete with parks, forests, and thrilling nature. The National Parks are the ideal destinations to get the best picture of Croatia’s finest features. 

Some of the more high-profile tourists enjoy the natural Croatian beauty as there is no other place quite like it. Plus, you can stay for a relaxing retreat, free from any unnecessary annoyances of the outside world. 

Typical tourists like to gather at the beaches and some of the more well-known spots. You can avoid all those by traveling just like a VIP. Take private adventure tours of some of the most well-preserved destinations and unwind in your personal nature-filled sanctuary. 

The Adriatic Sea

The Adriatic Sea is the body of water that separates the Italian peninsula from the Balkans. It extends out from the Mediterranean while providing a whole new ambiance of charm. Due to this sea and its crystal waters, Croatia is home to some of the most beautiful waterfronts in the world. 

With a luxury trip to Croatia, you can tour these waters on your own private boat or bask in its beauty from a hideaway villa on a private island. Just like the most famous people in the world, you have an up-close view of the Adriatic with private service, exclusive destinations, and world-class opulence. 

The Most Luxurious Croatian Destinations


Dubrovnik holds much of Croatia’s charm within its Old Town, churches, and palaces. While not the most expensive city in the country, you simply cannot pass up this city. There are plenty of opportunities for luxury leisure, but it is probably not going to break your vacation budget. 

Dubrovnik is home to historic Old Town, which completed construction in the 1500s. While you can have as much modern luxury in the rest of Croatia, there is no way to capture the historic elegance that Dubrovnik offers. 

If on your luxury vacation you want to see the sources for modern-day elegant leisure, the Gothic Rector’s Palace is a can’t-miss. Now a museum, the palace can take you on your next adventure—but into the past. And while you’re there, be sure to see the St. Blaise Church to Renaissance Sponza Palace to complete the experience. 


As the second-largest city in Croatia, Split is packed to the brim with opportunities for your next opulent adventure. The city extends out into the Adriatic, forming sort of its own peninsula, and giving you plenty of chances to explore the shining waters. 

Though Split is one of the more populous cities of Croatia, it is one of the more expensive. There are five-star hotels and praised cuisine destinations that treat you like an elite. In between your meals, be sure to check out many of the Ancient Roman ruins that perfectly accompany the dose of modern life. 

Opulence and luxury never run short in Split, especially in the nightlife. Bar hop and taste exclusive wines that suggest a flavor of Croatia. It’s also never a bad thing to find your favorite spot and claim it as your own. 


Wine is a staple of Croatia, just as it is a staple of luxury. Korcula is a hot spot for all of the most luxurious and well-crafted wines. Specifically known for its dry white wines that come, there is an abundance of beverages for your pallet to try. 

Korcula isn’t just all wine, though the area caters to the more elegant travelers, it is also full of historic sites that you can’t find on a private island or in a hideaway villa. Stop by the Town Walls and get a taste of society from hundreds of years ago. You can also see the Marco Polo House and the Revelin Tower for more architectural history. 

As one of Croatia’s iconic islands, Korcula has the perfect mix of history, water, and elegance, making it a splendid destination within the already marvelously grand country of Croatia. 

The Plitvice Lakes

Perhaps one of the more popular destinations in Croatia, Plitvice Lakes National Park is home to a series of 16 terraced lakes with views that give the beaches a run for their money. Alongside multiple waterfalls and a limestone canyon, the lakes have more to offer than just water. 

To enjoy the surreal experience of the luxurious lakes, there are hiking trails and walking paths that lead you around the area. If there was one destination that didn’t include the beach that you must visit, the Plitvice Lakes would be that destination. 

There are also opportunities to explore the waters on a boat tour. This is the option that most VIP tourists take as it is a bit more costly but gives you a closer look that only exclusive travelers can take advantage of. 

Plan Your Trip with Adventures Croatia

Croatia has so much to offer. What with scenic ocean views and countless adventurous excursions, Croatia is an extraordinary place to take a holiday—and the rich and famous have already jumped on the luxuriously elegant bandwagon. Will you too? 

Let Adventures Croatia use their expertise and experience to help you plan the luxury trip of a lifetime.

Adventures Croatia
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