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Summertime Family Activities

3 Sep

Summertime Family Activities

From crystal clear waters to forests with indescribable beauty, Croatia is a dreamland for families all over the world. Not only is the sea a marveling shade of turquoise, but the marine life is a variety of colorful fish and dazzling corals.

Coming to Croatia doesn’t mean that only adults can have fun. Scattered all over you can find aqua parks, jungle gyms, farms and many more fun activities for children. Parks are at every turn and kids just as well. There are many activities that you can do as a family.

For my family, vacation to Croatia was the vacation of our dreams, exactly how we wanted it to be. It was a combination of lovely beaches, delicious local food and vine, plenty of entertainment, and some culture to immerse ourselves in. I’ve never expected it would be so easy to travel with young children, but what Croatia offer to children is indescribable. It is a very family-friendly destination, with a variety of fun activities at every corner. We spent most of the mornings and afternoons on the beautiful beaches. We tried to visit a different one each day, which was an excellent idea for our adventurous children. Some were amazing for swimming, the others were great for snorkeling and exploring sea life, or just for lying on the beach and looking for shiny shells. The kids got creative and were making jewelry out of the shells, and they’ve also made some unique souvenirs for grandparents and friends as a present, and to remember Croatia and our family time. What impressed my children most was that on most beaches, there were numerous children and family-friendly activities. Our stand-up paddle and kayak tour with friendly guides will be captured in our memories for a lifetime. We explored the little hidden magic islands, and we kayaked in the caves, we watched the sunset from the paddles, we jumped from the cliffs, and much more. For a very low cost, we were able to rent a beach chair and umbrella and spent our days in the shade if we ended up on the beach without natural shade from the trees. To be even more convenient the cozy local restaurants, cafes and ice-cream stores were always nearby, if not on the beach. Besides, this memorable experience on the beaches, our evenings were usually fulfilled with long hikes or biking in nature parks, or walks in the ancient cities of Croatia, loaded with a lot of history, charm, and hospitality for everyone. It was just so much to see and experience for my children. We were able to accommodate all of our family wishes and needs and were all well entrained and at the end pleased with our decision regarding family vacation in Croatia.

Lenka Pajkovic, Travel Specialist

There is one particular place that I found really eye-catching. It’s called Brijuni National Park, and it consists of 14 individual islands. Around the main island, you can see peacocks, deer, rabbits and many more animals, which is fun for children. You can jump into a small train and ride around the island, while the guide will talk about the history of the islands or you can rent bicycles and enjoy nature and explore different beaches.

Preferably, water sports such as stand up paddling, diving, and kayaking are more amusing than the ones on land because you get to spend more time on the beautiful Adriatic sea.

Crystal Clear Adriatic Sea

The cities of Croatia are just spectacular. Cafe’s where ever you turn, and the people are all amicable. It’s an inspiring environment to be in. Looking deeper into Croatia’s cities, you can find beautiful art galleries and many local artist exhibitions. Kids sometimes will go out on the streets to play music or to sell some of their creations. Handmade items are widespread, and the art itself is just amazing. Something is always going on in Croatia. There are lots of concerts, and magic shows in the city streets. People are dancing with fire, and others have talented voices.

To top it all off, the prices on all of the merchandise is very affordable. Sometimes, I would find a piece of jewelry that I liked for a great price. The restaurants are just amazing. The seafood is better than any I’ve ever tried. Shells, livestock, and fish are all local, greens nevertheless. The waiters are kind and polite. Now when it comes to spending the summer in Croatia, it’s a no-brainer. I mean, who doesn’t want to spend the summer in a beautiful paradise?

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