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Safety in Croatia

12 Feb

Safety in Croatia

We are often asked, “How safe is Croatia?” First and foremost, the comfort and safety of our clients are of paramount importance to Adventures Croatia. For those of you longing for a destination where you can relax by turquoise colored water, enjoy walks through beautiful untouched nature and take-in eye-popping historical sites where you will feel free and safe, head for Croatia!

Croatia is considered to be one of the safest countries in the world. According to the US Department of State, the crime level is very low and there are no threats against American citizens or interests there. The Croatians greatly appreciate America’s role in bringing about an end to the Homeland War and regularly express that appreciation. Croatia’s strict gun control laws make it extremely unlikely that you will have to you have to worry about any gun-related crime. The police have appropriate resources and respond to calls for service quickly and professionally, so you can safely explore Croatian cities and islands by night.

The Croatian people are kind and most of the population speak English. If you become lost and do not have internet on your phone to look up maps you can always rely on finding your way with the help of locals. In my decade of regular travels there I’ve found Croatians to be very friendly, courteous, and extremely accommodating. Especially when they realize that you are a visitor and you need directions and or information. Croatians are very proud of their country, their hospitality, and their tourist-friendly environment and will go above and beyond to make sure that your stay is enjoyable and stress-free.

Split waterfront evening blue panorama, Dalmatia, Croatia

Every country has wildlife, and Croatia is no exception, boasting a wide variety of birds and animals. If you enjoy taking in the great outdoors, the most dangerous animals, bears and wolves are found in the rugged mountains of Croatia’s interior. These now endangered species most typically keep to protected areas like sanctuaries and national parks. Bears even have a special sanctuary in the beautiful Northern Velebit National Park, where volunteers take care of abandoned bear cubs in a facility dedicated to their care. There is only one poisonous snake in the entire country – the horned viper and it tends to be extremely shy, tough to find and will not bite without considerable provocation. On the seaside, the only threats you may encounter are jellyfish, which are very rare visitors and sea urchins which are black and typically easy to spot in the clear coastal waters. The few sharks that visit the Adriatic feed far away from Croatia’s spectacular coastline. Overall the dangerous animals in Croatia aren’t aggressive, which means they won’t attack you if you don’t provoke them… or accidentally step on them. Be sure to pack a pair of water shoes if you plan to take a dip at the beach to protect yourself from a possible encounter with an unsuspecting sea urchin. Bring appropriate clothes (long pants, long-sleeve shirts) while hiking in the mountains or walking in Croatia’s magnificent forests.

Natural disasters in Croatia are extremely rare. Significant earthquakes (anything over 4 on the Richter scale) are unheard of, not only on land but under the sea, which makes the probability of a tsunami event virtually non-existent. There is one volcano in Croatia on the island of Jabuka, and the last time it erupted was 22 million years ago. Today it is mostly known as a tourist attraction where you can find rare stones and beautiful crystals.

Whether you are traveling by car, bus, train or an airplane in Croatia, you’ll safely reach your destination. Most of the coach-line buses travel through recently built wider and safer roads. When traveling by car on your own on the newer and fabulous motorways, you’ll find many gas stations and diners where you can rest or replenish your supplies. The inter-nation highway system is one of the finest in Europe and a pleasure to drive for those who enjoy self-driving the itineraries we create for them.

You should always exercise precaution while traveling in any country and apply common sense and awareness. Don’t leave your shiny new iPhone laying on the beach or your purse filled with cash sitting in the open or on a car seat with nobody watching. Familiarize yourself with your surroundings, always be sure to locate the nearest exit from your hotel room as soon as you check in, in the event of a fire or evacuation. Ask for directions or assistance before you get too lost.  While Croatia is without question one of the safest travel destinations anywhere, apply the same precautions you would in a less safe environment and you will be the kind of savvy traveler who knows how to avoid problems. You can count on Croatia to be one of the best destinations for the worry-free travel experience of a lifetime.

Croatia is calling!

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