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Made in Croatia: Hollywood’s Shining Discovery

1 Feb

Made in Croatia: Hollywood’s Shining Discovery

Ever wonder how Hollywood manages to find some of the most diverse backdrops possible? Well, part of it can be attributed to Hollywood magic or special effects. However, sometimes Hollywood producers actively seek out diverse locations with many different landscapes and interesting architecture to help them tell their stories. In this, many have found that Croatia fits the bill. Hollywood producers have found that because of Croatia’s rich, diverse scenery, no special effects or movie magic is required to simulate all kinds of fascinating environments. In fact, Hollywood has – by stealth – introduced the world to many parts of our small but diverse country through several movies and TV shows. Here are just a few.

  • Game of Thrones: Much of this game-changing and sometimes gruesome political-fantasy epic has been filmed in Dubrovnik. The city’s exuberant beauty and breathtaking architecture are perfect for a show that presents some truly splendid backdrops to its massive viewership. Thus, by planning a trip to Croatia, you may even get the chance to behold such marvelous sites. (Sorry, we cannot provide dragons for you.)
  • Fiddler on the Roof: This Oscar-winning musical features the story of Tevye, a milkman living in Russia as he faces the growing anti-Semitism around him. The musical was not filmed on a Hollywood sound stage. It was actually filed in Lekenik, a small Village near Zagreb in Croatia. In fact, many of the rustic structures can still be seen in nearly the same condition they were in during filming.
  • Season of The Witch: This fantasy movie features Nicholas Cage and Ron Perlman as two Knights who are on a mission to transport a person who has been accused of witchcraft to a monastery. Although the film received a rather lukewarm reception from critics and the movie going public, its backdrops and almost dreamlike scenery were in part filmed in Istria, Croatia.
  • The Last Jedi (2017): The ever-popular Star Wars franchise is known for presenting to its viewers some truly magnificent backdrops such as painted deserts, mountainous regions, etc. Some of the scenes for The Last Jedi were shot in Dubrovnik which is becoming an increasingly popular destination for movie makers.
  • Sophie’s Choice: This gut-wrenching adaptation of the William Styron’s novel was filmed in Zagreb.croatia
  • Mama Mia : This classic musical was most recently filmed on Vis instead of Greek Islands. 

In short, Croatia’s diverse scenery has made the country a perfect setting for Hollywood producers who are seeking majestic mountains, lush, flowering fields, magnificent architecture and rustic, villages full of old world charm. Plan a custom excursion in Croatia with us and see what Hollywood has discovered for some time and continues to see in our wonderful country.   

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