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Best Travel Tips For Croatia

Are you planning for a trip to Croatia and want to get clear cut tips and advice for your travel trip to luxurious Croatia? Look no further as we provide top travel tips with plenty of useful information on everything from shopping to food. You will have several queries when planning a trip to Croatia. We are here to give you the top travel tips to Croatia. Have a glance at our tips that will surely help you for an adventurous trip to Croatia.

1.Be smart about how you pack:

Make a list when starting to prepare for your vacation! This will keep you organized so you don’t forget anything for your trip. We recommend adding the following to your list for your carry on items: money belt, money, travel documents, guidebooks, journal/pen, cell phone, camera, tablet, headphones, chargers/converters and a neck pillow if you prefer.

2.Most of the people have a hesitation whether it’s safe to drink tap water in Croatia or not?

The tap water in Croatia is basically considered as safe to drink, but since you’ll be on a trip, it is better to drink bottled mineral water, which is readily available in shops, hotels and restaurants.

3.What’s the perfect food to have in Croatia?

Croatia is notorious for its variety of seafood dishes that include freshly caught line fish, net fish and shellfish. Beyond seasoned meats, fruits delectable olives, capers and freshly baked breads are perfect to have in your trip time.

4.Is it mandatory to tip in Croatia?

While server’s in Croatia do not rely on their tips like they do in the United States, tips are still welcome for great service.

5.Will I have internet access?

Throughout Croatia, internet access will be widely available so you can keep connected. There are many internet café’s that you will come across as well as other public places that will have internet access for you!

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