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Introducing Adventures Croatia’s Newest Team Member – Marijana Kuvačić

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8 Mar

Introducing Adventures Croatia’s Newest Team Member – Marijana Kuvačić

Adventures Croatia is excited to welcome a new member to the team – Marijana Kuvačić. 

Marijana works on the ground in Croatia, helping us with sales for the business. Her passion for travel and love for her home country makes her a crucial part of our team.

As Croatia travel specialists, we’re always on the lookout for talented and knowledgeable staff who truly love and enjoy every aspect of Croatia. An important aspect of any travel consultant is seeing how their passion and knowledge of the region shines through in their planning, and this is what makes Marijana so skilled in her role. 

Marijana Kuvačić Aventures Croatia travel specialists

Marijana Kuvačić – Adventures Croatia’s newest team member

A little background on Marijana Kuvačić

Marijana has strong ties to Croatia, having been born to Croatian parents who taught her the culture, community and flavors of this wonderful country. While she was born in California, she often found herself drawn back to her roots, and even operating as an ambassador of Croatian gastronomy and traditions while living in Australia. 

She created an award-winning Restaurant Dalmatino in Melbourne which enabled Croatians to have a taste of home across the seas while also introducing the locals to the traditional food and culture of Croatia.

Through this business endeavor, she expanded her knowledge and love for indigenous Croatian wines and olive oils and even assisted her husband in authoring a 5-star cookbook titled, “Dalmatia: Recipes from Croatia’s Mediterranean Coast”.

croatia travel specialists

But the call for home didn’t stop there, once she sold her family business and relocated back to Croatia, she noticed a beautiful resurgence of traditions in both gastronomy and ethnology. This spurred her desire to find the finest places tied to these traditions, cultures, and authentic experiences which continuously influence the works she does with Adventures Croatia. 

Having a diverse background in sales and travel, both personally and professionally, Marijana joined our team of Croatia travel specialists to promote the wonders of her homeland by sharing her unique expertise and knowledge that can help deliver those once-in-a-lifetime experiences. 

Interview with Croatia travel specialist: Marijana Kuvačić

To give you a little more insight into our newest team member, we sat down with Marijana Kuvačić to ask her a few questions about her background, her passions and what she loves most about Croatia.

Tell us a little about yourself… 

My background is rather metropolitan, I’ve lived in over 10 countries before the age of 20. Went to school in 3 different languages and enjoyed the nomadic adventures of my parents. I’m now thoroughly enjoying living in Croatia full-time and sharing my passion with future visitors. I want them to experience Croatia for the jewel that it is.

What inspired you to work for Adventures Croatia? 

My passion for travel and love of Croatia’s rich history and heritage and my desire to share with others. That’s why I wanted to join Adventures Croatia as one of their Croatia travel specialists so I could do just that!

How long have you worked in travel and how did you first get into the industry? 

My initial work in travel began for personal reasons but then friends and family started asking for assistance in organizing vacations and events and my passion started to bloom.

Where is your favorite Croatian travel destination? 

My favorite is central to south Dalmatia, rich with islands, culture and natural beauties.

croatia travel specialists

What is your favorite thing about Croatia? 

Where to begin… I have to say both the rich history, culture, heritage, food, wine and I could go on for a while.

What is your favorite local dish and where would you say is the best place to enjoy it? 

Konoba Vinko, Konjevrate (near Skradin)… my favorite dish is Skradinski rizot (risotto made with ancient spices and veal slow-cooked for 12 hours).

What makes Croatia different from anywhere else in the world? 

Croatia not only abounds in beauty, culture, food and wine but is also amongst the safest countries in the world and is easy to navigate since everyone speaks English and is extremely hospitable.

If you could pick one thing to plan an entire vacation around, what would it be? 

The Croatian islands and indigenous wines of the region

croatia travel specialists

Booking a tour with Adventures Croatia

When it comes to planning a vacation to Croatia our team members will ensure you have the best possible experience. Our Croatia travel specialists look forward to assisting you with your travel needs and desires as we perfectly pair them with our extensive local skills and knowledge to provide the most memorable vacation experience.

From pre-planned, private tours to Croatia, to tailor-made vacation packages which encompass all the very best parts of Croatia, we can design the ultimate holiday experience that is completely bespoke to your desired itinerary. 

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our Croatia travel specialists to start booking your next holiday today. 

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