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Croatia at Christmas

21 Dec

Croatia at Christmas

One thing that people who travel to our country in the winter realize is that Croatians love Christmas, and Christmas loves Croatia. All throughout the country there are celebrations that rival those that are put on by other countries. In fact, Croatia stands out among these others cities because its Christmas holidays can be spent on the seaside in a non-traditional setting (sand replaces snow) or it can also contain all the adornments that one expects on this day in which special memories and special experiences are formed. So, if you are planning a trip to Croatia, continue reading and take a look at our choice of top 5 destinations in Croatia where you can spend an unforgettable Christmas.

  • Winter festival in Dubrovnik: Winter Festival in Croatia takes place from November until March so technically it is not exclusively a Christmas celebration. However, it does center on the Advent and you can celebrate a traditional Christmas by strolling along the Stradun, buying local food, souvenirs and tasting wine as you see the many houses adorned for the season.
  • Advent in Split: Split has been called the “world’s most beautiful city” by many and during the Christmas season this claim is especially hard to dispute. Here you can attend the Christmas fair which is an excellent opportunity for you to buy last minute gifts, talk with locals and absorb the rich culture of the region. Finally, if you are a fan of Christmas carols you can enjoy songs performed by female folklore groups on town squares and cultural sites like Peristil or Prokurative
  • Christmas in Gradec: A haven for music and culture lovers, Gradec (a neighborhood in Zagreb) also host a Christmas fair like no other. It is filled with seasonal food, drinks and crowds who are all in the mood to enjoy this cherished season. Of course, a honeymoon couples may prefer the more romantic setting at the Courtyards there.
  • SalajLand: SalajLand is a majestic Christmas theme park located in Grabovnica near Čazma and although Santa Claus is traditionally not a part of Croatia celebrations of the day, you will find Santa Claus and the reindeer, Smurf’s,nativity scene, snowmen, penguins, bears there to help you celebrate a more traditional Christmas. Adding to the magic there is the fact that fireworks are set off every night and the park is filled with spectacular, ornamental displays.
  • Christmas time in Osijek: The Advent in Osijek is held in several locations simultaneously. The focal point of the Christmas celebration, complete with Xmas trees, cabin and baroque-styled carousels – take place in Tvrđa. Finally, an international Christmas tree festival is held there each year to see whose tree is the most spectacular.

There you have some of the most celebrated Christmas destinations and activities in the region. Add these and other destinations as you view Croatia in Winter which is truly a sight to behold.

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