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5 of the Most Romantic Spots in Croatia

Aerial shoot of Rovinj,
8 Feb

5 of the Most Romantic Spots in Croatia

A popular destination for romantic getaways, lovers from around the world appreciate the beauty and tranquility of Croatia’s many romantic towns. To inspire future trips like Honeymoons and Anniversaries, we have listed 5 of the top destinations to visit when in Croatia with your special someone.


The magical Rovinj is infamous for love and will make you wonder if fairytales could actually become a reality. One of the most attractive towns of Istria, and even Croatia, Rovinj is built into a tight space so that the buildings facades look both gloomy and colorful. These quaint houses combined with the view of the blue sky and the stone alleys merge into a real romantic oasis for those who want a brief getaway from reality.


Trogir’s Historic city center is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list because it is a true example of a well-preserved Romanesque island town. Small but really impressive, Trogir is ideal for endless walks along the reverie, and it’s cultural and historical content. The rich greenery and the smell of the sea partner excellently with the Mediterranean food giving a unique pleasure for all the senses.


Because of the rich historical heritage of this picturesque city, Varazdin is a multi-layered experience where it’s easy to discover something new in every walk. In a city where it’s best to drink coffee and eat excellent cakes, time seems to have stopped making this destination an ideal choice for a romantic weekend trip. When you are in Varazdin you can visit the castle Trakošćan, which is located nearby on the banks of the Drava River, just 40 kilometers away. Or for a relaxing getaway as a couple, there’s always the Varazdin spa.



On the list of ideal Croatian destinations for romance, you are guaranteed to find the fairytale town of Opatija – the oldest Croatian tourist destination, ideal for holidays in summer and winter. This pearl of the Adriatic is situated at the foot of the mountain Učka, a town overlooking the sea and the nearby islands of Krk and Cres. An excellent choice for fans of wellness, but also for those who like long romantic walks and views from the luxurious villas built in various unique styles.


Dubrovnik is a city for lovers and all those in search of enjoyment. You will remember Dubrovnik from a night ride on a Karaka or a walk on the nearby island of Lokrum. These moments are an easy step away from the exhausting rhythm of everyday life. Even the best-known and the global press’s most prominent Dubrovnik spots can feel ‘untouched’ and it is for this reason Dubrovnik is a true magnet for global jet-seters.

There’s something in the air in Dubrovnik as it is a popular wedding destination, and as well for Valentine’s Day, Dubrovnik offers lovers the charm of its history, timeless beauty, and a special atmosphere. For many years it has been recognized in the media as one of the world’s most beautiful destinations for honeymoons, one of the most romantic cities in the world, and one of the greatest destinations for marriage proposals. 

There are so many more romantic destinations, towns, cities, villages, and places to visit in Croatia, but there are too many to list! These 5 are a great place to start dreaming about your Croatia vacation.

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