Immerse yourself in the traditions of Korcula


9 Day Small Group Tour for up to 16 Persons
Available Easter Week

Travelers have a chance to literally immerse themselves into the lives of Croatian families that are venerated members of the three ancient fraternities in the town of Korcula: All Saints from 1301, St. Rocco from 1575, and St. Michael from 1603. The traveler is adopted by the families during Holy Week and will join in the family’s traditions and rituals, help with the cooking, baking and blessing of the food, and participate in the fraternities’ elaborate processions. It is a once in a lifetime special access opportunity that culminates with the celebration of rebirth and the renewal of spring at the family’s table on Easter Sunday.

Experience Traditions and Spring Processions of Korcula

  • Easter Week
  • Small Group Travel up to 16 persons
  • Prices are based on number of passengers traveling and dates of travel
  • Hotels are not guaranteed until confirmed

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