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A New Luxurious Way To Travel – Small Group Tours Spain And Portugal

Small Group Tours Spain And Portugal
18 May

A New Luxurious Way To Travel – Small Group Tours Spain And Portugal

Adventures Croatia has opened up a new tour destination for 2023 – think sun, sangria and seaside towns. Whilst Croatia will always remain our favorite spot in Europe, we wanted to give our travelers the opportunity to explore other regions in this fascinating continent. 

This year we are pleased to announce our tour of Portugal and Spain for 2023, which will see guests explore the most spectacular destinations across the Iberian Peninsula. Our small group tours to Spain and Portugal are well thought out and meticulously devised to ensure you make the most of your time. 

Why should you travel to Spain and Portugal?

Spain and Portugal have a lot to offer travelers of all ages – from world-class museums, sandy beaches and spectacular landmarks with unique architecture including cathedrals, historical attractions, parks, restaurants and cafes. These fascinating European countries can offer a different kind of ambience to your next vacation.

While the cities of Spain and Portugal are vibrant in color and buzzing with life, their beauty and intrigue transcends physical appearance. Imagine a spectacular spread of local cheese, ham, olives and much more laid out before you in a tapas bar. Think of the Spanish wines you can taste as you absorb the untamed flair of a local flamenco performance. Or you can even find yourself relaxing to the sound of the waves along the coast as you dive into a big bowl of the freshest seafood paella. 

Small Group Tours Spain And Portugal

It is impossible not to enjoy the local culture, lively energy and decadent dishes found in traditional Spanish and Portuguese cuisine.

Taking all of this into consideration, our new small group tour of Spain and Portugal was created and meticulously planned by our founder Pamela Robinson to give a group of seasoned travelers the opportunity to experience these incredible locations firsthand.

What can you expect when traveling with Adventures Croatia?

Luxurious tours are what we’re all about. We want you to feel pampered when you travel with us. Our team of travel specialists are always on the hunt for the best hotels, local guides, and private transportation to ensure you have the ultimate experience during your vacation. 

When you book a tour with Adventures Croatia, we can guarantee you’ll be stepping into a world of fun, relaxation and luxury. With custom tour options and a team of passionate travel specialists, we are here to listen to you and create a bespoke vacation experience tailored to your preferences.

No two tours with us are the same, but every tour we plan is perfectly strategized to ensure you make the most of your time here in Europe, so there will be no possibility of feeling like you have missed out. 

Do be warned! There is a high chance you will find yourself wanting to come back to experience it all over again. 

Small Group Tours Spain And Portugal

Small group tours Spain and Portugal – The itinerary 

If you’re ready to embark on to a new part of Europe this year, join our exciting small group tours of Spain and Portugal traveling to the following locations:

*Granada – *Alhambra Palace – Seville – Tavira – Algarve – Évora – Mértola – Cascais – Sintra – Pena Palace – Lisbon – Porto – Douro Valley – Porto

*Please note, Granada and Alhambra Palace is only available for guests who book the pre-trip tour of Portugal and Spain. Otherwise, the tour will depart from Seville. Learn more about the pre-trip portion of this tour here.

Small Group Tours Spain And Portugal

Small group tours Spain and Portugal – What is included?

During this small group Spain and Portugal tour, you will visit a variety of different spots from breathtaking landmarks, coastal cities to quaint towns and local wineries. By joining us on this tour, you will get the chance to fully immerse yourself in the Spanish and Portuguese cultures and histories, as you experience a wide variety of local activities, foods and sights.

Spain and Portugal are two counties which are on most people’s bucket lists, so why not check them off yours by booking this tour of Portugal and Spain and experience the best of each of these dream destinations?

This is a 13-day tour running between September 23rd – October 5th. The Main Trip will officially start September 25th in picturesque Seville, Spain. 

Small group tours Spain and Portugal – Price

For the main trip (excluding Granada and Alhambra Palace) the price is $8,895* per person, based on double occupancy (x2 per room). If you choose to join us for the pre-trip portion of this tour of Portugal and Spain there is an additional cost of $933 per person, based on double occupancy (x2 per room).

*Whilst all of your accommodation and transport will be covered by this price, flights are not included and will need to be booked before departing. Please speak to our travel specialists for help on how to align your flight details with these specific tour dates.

Small Group Tours Spain And Portugal

Learn more about the full itinerary of this exclusive tour of Portugal and Spain here: Robinsons and Friends Small Group Tours Spain and Portugal 2023.

For more information on our limited time Spain and Portugal tours for 2023, please contact our travel specialist, Mimi Kent. Our team is more than happy to answer any questions you may have about this tour and are on hand ready to begin your booking process to explore one of Europe’s most sought after vacation destinations!

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