We do our very best to take care of our clients and pride ourselves on the level of service we provide. A few of them have been kind enough to say a few words about us.

It was our best trip ever

Thank you Pamela and Mimi at Adventures Croatia or making our trip to Croatia so special for our 25th wedding anniversary! My husband said it was our best trip ever. We loved all the adventures you planned and having drivers and guides made it so easy. It was also a good way to talk to several Croatians and really understand the history and culture. I was most nervous about zip lining and you encouraged me to do it and it was the highlight of our trip- to push boundaries and have the thrill of a lifetime. The guides were amazing and I felt safe and proud that we did it! Overall, the people were incredibly interesting and kind, the food and wine were excellent and the scenery was spectacular. We didn't know a lot about Croatia or the Dalmatian Coast initially and we're grateful for seeing this part of the world. We stayed in gorgeous properties and loved truffle hunting, oyster harvesting, wine tasting, boating and the city tours. Highly recommend and would love to visit again one day.  
Heather M.

Great recommendations and flexibility to our needs and budget

A couple of our friends/coworkers have gone in the past year and raved about it. We heard it was a place of great food, wine, and beaches. We loved everything! The itinerary you put together had a great combination of activities. Probably our favorite was the Bibich winery dinner because the food was like nothing we have ever had before and the experience was so unique. Honestly, it rates as the best meal of our lives! We also loved our experience in Konavle visiting with the Family--it was so wonderful to get to know some people, and they went out of their way to make us feel like family. It is difficult to pick a favorite activity because we really enjoyed everything. However, probably our least favorite (though still enjoyable) was Krka national park. We had opted for this over Plitvice National Park, which was probably still a good idea based on distance and crowds and cost. While the scenery was outstanding at Krka, it was a very very hot day and we are not people that like crowds. We were also there a full day, so we got board by the end. However, I think this is is still something we are glad we did. Honestly, the drivers and guides were amazing. We kept saying that this was one of the best parts of the trip--getting to know local people. Our guide in Dubrovnik and on the wine tour was amazing. We felt very comfortable with her and she was so genuine and willing to talk openly about Croatia, her life, and her perspectives, and she also asked us a lot about our lives. Our driver on the day of the wine tour was very kind. Finally, we really enjoyed our driver on the route from Split to Dubrovnik. He was so interesting and again, very genuine and open about Croatia's past. We felt like we were driving with an old friend after an hour. There were many! Our boutique hotel on Korcula was probably our favorite in terms of relaxation. We could have stayed there for a week and we had a beautiful hotel room. Hotel in Split was also fantastic with the best breakfast of the trip. Our homestay in Konavle was our favorite in terms of the authentic experience--the hosts went out of their way to make us feel at home, bringing a plate of food out to us when we first arrived, giving us ice cream one night, and even driving us to the beach to watch the sun set! They were truly incredible, and seeing the museum in the basement of their house was another trip highlight. We loved all of the planned excursions! They were all unique in their own way and provided a great balance of activities.
Rick M.

I found the planning process very much hands-on, personal and helpful

The truffle lunch/hunt was really fun. very interesting, great food and the family was very nice. The oyster farm and lunch was outstanding. Wonderful oysters and mussels, great family-made red wine and grappa, along with a very warm host. Also the Postjana Caves were a delightful surprise. Beautiful and unique. For us, a much better choice than seeing the horses. And, the chef's menu dinner with wine at the restaurant in Korcula exceeded our expectations. Also, we very much liked our day in the Istrian countryside and our half-day in Pula. Our guide for Pula did a very good job of showing us her city. By happy coincidence, Lisa Albert (from Adventures Croatia) lives in our town, so when I spoke with Pamela early in the process (I was also considering a Croatia-based company that I subsequently found out Pamela had previously worked for) Pamela immediately put me in touch with Lisa. Lisa personally met with us several times and was on the phone with me frequently when we were planning our itinerary. Lisa is very knowledgeable and was fun to work with.  I found your ground team in Croatia to be very responsive to text messages and helpful throughout our trip.
Gil B.

The personal attention from all the local producers/purveyors was special, providing a memorable experience and a stronger connection to the places we visited

One of the great things about the trip was the casual nature of the excursions- the lack of a need for dressy clothes!
Danny M.

Adventures Croatia did an outstanding job planning our trip.

I will preface this review with the fact that we are independent travelers and normally do all our own trip planning. However, between booking our flight to Croatia and our departure date, a family emergency occurred which did not allow us to devote any time to think about trip planning. Just EIGHT DAYS prior to our departure we contacted Adventures Croatia on the recommendation of a friend since we had done absolutely no planning for our trip. My husband had several detailed conversations with Christy about our likes, dislikes, preferred activities, interests. Within 2 days Adventures Croatia came up with a 2-week itinerary that included all of our interests (food, wine, hiking, bicycling, sea kayaking, historical tours, boating, visiting national parks), with hotels, transfers, recommended tours and activities. We did some very minor tweaking of the proposal and had an incredible itinerary booked just 4 days prior to departure. The trip went flawlessly and incorporated all of our interests. Our historical tours were the right length of time for the particular cities. We learned so much about the history and culture of Croatia. We normally do not do city tours, but would have missed out on a lot had we not taken them. Our activities were customized to our preferences and were so unique. It would have been difficult to have found the special gems we experienced by doing our own research. When we had drivers, they were not just drivers but took an interest in being guides as well. The amount of time spent in each place was absolutely perfect. The lodging was nicer than we would have chosen on our own but was a welcome luxury. The special dinners booked as part of the itinerary were amazing. The trip was the perfect balance of free time and scheduled activities. I loved that most meals were on our own, so we could experience a variety of restaurants that were suited to our schedule, mood and tastes. We did some of our trip with a rental car, so could explore the national parks on our own. I was very impressed with the ability of Adventures Croatia to be able to plan our trip with so little notice. We could have/would have gone to Croatia on our own and had a good time. But due to the expertise of their company, we had a fabulous, informative, leisurely-but-active, perfectly-timed, stress-free trip. Thank you. Just EIGHT DAYS prior to our departure we contacted Adventures Croatia on the recommendation of a friend since we had done absolutely no planning for our trip. My husband had several detailed conversations with Christy about our likes, dislikes, preferred activities, interests. Within 2 days Adventures Croatia came up with a 2-week itinerary that included all of our interests (food, wine, hiking, bicycling, sea kayaking, historical tours, boating, visiting national parks), with hotels, transfers, recommended tours and activities. We did some very minor tweaking of the proposal and had an incredible itinerary booked just 4 days prior to departure. The trip went flawlessly and incorporated all of our interests. Our historical tours were the right length of time for the particular cities. We learned so much about the history and culture of Croatia. We normally do not do city tours, but would have missed out on a lot had we not taken them. Our activities were customized to our preferences and were so unique. It would have been difficult to have found the special gems we experienced by doing our own research. When we had drivers, they were not just drivers but took an interest in being guides as well. The amount of time spent in each place was absolutely perfect. The lodging was nicer than we would have chosen on our own but was a welcome luxury. The special dinners booked as part of the itinerary were amazing. The trip was the perfect balance of free time and scheduled activities. I loved that most meals were on our own, so we could experience a variety of restaurants that were suited to our schedule, mood and tastes. We did some of our trip with a rental car, so could explore the national parks on our own. I was very impressed with the ability of Adventures Croatia to be able to plan our trip with so little notice. We could have/would have gone to Croatia on our own and had a good time. But due to the expertise of their company, we had a fabulous, informative, leisurely-but-active, perfectly-timed, stress-free trip. Thank you.
Lisa Q.

The trip was absolutely magical - exceeded all expectations!

Our friends, who had experienced charter cruises on gullets in Turkey and in Greece, put together a gullet cruise in Croatia and invited us to join them. We expanded the trip by spending a couple of extra days exploring Croatia. Loved having dinner the first night at Komarda - a very nice introduction. Especially enjoyed touring the walled city and the trip to Ston with the oyster tasting.The Bibich winery tour was also outstanding! We enjoyed the Dubrovnik Hotel Place very much. Very convenient, lovely staff, and nice accommodations.  
Patti P.

Online Search, found Adventures Croatia Website

Everything was wonderful and perfectly tailored to us.
Kelsey P.

Croatia was on my Bucket List

Great planning, great hotels, great sights. All (hotels) were wonderful in their own ways. Favorites were the winery tour, speedboat ride, cooking class... to be honest enjoyed them all!
Ken K.

I don't think you could have done anything more as this was the perfect trip.

The fact that you specialized in Croatia and surrounding areas and offered so many different options and could do a private, customized tour. Hard to choose a favorite excursion/experience! They were all amazing and different. Particularly liked the variety. Highlights were the cooking day in Trogir, the wine pairing dinner in Sibenik, and the oyster/mussels lunch in Ston. No disappointments! Your drivers and guides were all excellent, personable and knowledgeable. You have chosen wisely! They were all professional, agreeable, helpful. They are among the best I have had in over 40 years of traveling. Each hotel choice was exceptional. If I had to choose, it would be our boutique hotel in Split, great location and an amazing staff. They just couldn't do enough for us! From the first conversation I had with Lisa, I was convinced I was working with someone who knew Croatia and could understand the type of client and what would work best. I was not disappointed. In fact, the experience was even better than I anticipated. I don't think you could have done anything more as this was the perfect trip. I have travelled extensively and designed and led trips for adults for a college and your attention to detail, your knowledge of the country, your selection of guides, hotels, and excursions made this one of the most enjoyable and easy trip I have ever taken. I'm already thinking of where I want to go next with Adventures Croatia!
JoAnn H.

Heard good things

Absolutely unforgettable.
Howard E.

Very satisfied!

Loved all our guides and drivers. They were all so enthusiastic and proud of Croatia. Even the drivers acted as guides! Hotel in Dubrovnik and Split were our favorites. Lovely rooms, excellent customer service!!! Loved all the old town tours. Also enjoyed the oysters and buzara lunch. Enjoyed the cooking demo and lunch you arranged for us. Also loved the food and dinner in Sibenik was excellent. After talking with Pamela and viewing the itinerary, I felt comfortable with her so I did not do any additional research. Extremely likely to recommend to a friend!
Victoria C.

Honeymoon in Croatia

When deciding on our Honeymoon destination we knew we wanted to visit someplace new and exciting that would provide culinary adventure and cultural excursions. One evening we were channel surfing and came across a show on the Travel Channel.  This show was our first introduction to the vast experiences Croatia offers and we were intrigued. We left for the honeymoon the day after our wedding.  We were so thankful to have our honeymoon all planned out and taken care of so we could just relax and enjoy the trip and not worry about any details. While we were 35,000 ft in the air and not even over Croatian soil yet we were greeted with champagne and cake courtesy of Pamela and her team! We both knew our honeymoon was going to be perfect! Read More
This lovely couple wrote a very detailed testimonial and included a lot of photos, too. Click to read their amazing story!
Greg & Adele W.

Thank you for an amazing adventure!!!

Wow, it was everything I'd hoped for. So much do to with not enough time but I think our 11-day itinerary was perfect. Besides exploring all the sites, I felt we did a little bit of everything, wine tasting, lots of walking, biking, kayaking, ferry ride, boat rides! Although I truly enjoyed the Bibich Winery experience, my husband would have skipped it knowing that it was an hour back towards Zagreb after driving from Zagreb to Split. All the hotels were great except the Excelsior. Great location but room was probably one of the least desirable. I've never used a travel company before but now will never plan a trip without one. I think you guys did an exceptional job with all the hotel selections, excursions, details, etc. Thank you for an amazing adventure!!!
Lia D.

It felt like we were truly immersed in Croatia.

Croatia has been on my list of places to visit for some time, so I contacted Adventures Croatia and some other resources to get information on travel there. It became quickly apparent that the professionals at Adventures Croatia are passionate about what the country has to offer.  Pamela Robinson, the founder, spent significant time discussing with me what I was looking for in a vacation there. She suggested I consider an Insider’s Tour of the Dalmatian Coast and she and her team of experts in Croatia created a truly incredible experience. From our arrival and city tour in Zadar through the end of the trip in Dubrovnik, we had exceptional and knowledgeable guides and drivers at each destination. In addition to getting upgraded rooms in our lovely boutique hotels, we were provided with exclusive tours of private wineries accompanied by world class dining experiences. Having seen Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” show on Croatia, I was thrilled to see that Pamela made sure a number of private places he so highly recommended were also being made available to our group. I had heard that tourists often have a difficult time getting tickets on the ferries that travel from the mainland to and between islands (tourists restricted to  “day of” purchases). When we needed a ferry, Pamela’s local contacts purchased tickets for us. Rather than take a ferry from Split to Vis Island, a speedboat was arranged, which provided some of the more thrilling memories of the trip, as well as cutting travel time in half.  This left time for a spectacular fresh fish lunch at a delightful restaurant in a beautiful secluded cove on one of the smaller islands en route. Considering that the alternative was mass transit by boat; having private transport arranged between islands and the mainland made the trip a far more relaxing one for the whole group. In addition, the captain of the boat arranged to tour the world famous “Blue Cave” and Vis Island knew exactly when to get us to the cave to make sure we beat the rising tide, unlike many boats behind us that did not get passage into the cave. As an added treat, we were taken into a small cove and got to enter a Cold War relic submarine cave, and then take a swim in the warm turquoise water in the cove. Both were fabulous experiences. Whether visiting a small private island to sip homemade wine and dip homemade bread into homemade olive oil while sampling straight from the water raw oysters and incredible mussels buzara or walking through a beautiful old olive grove to a home where a delightful meal of fresh grilled meats and vegetables was cooked for our group by the homeowner, it felt like we were truly immersed in Croatia. With every stop, we felt like we were getting behind the scenes and off the beaten track experiences; the private guides in Krka National Park, Trogir, Sibenik, Split, Dubrovnik, both in the city and on the famous wall at sunset. Pamela and her team’s attention to details and recommendations for restaurants, clubs, wineries, museums, etc… allowed us to see an incredible amount in the time we were there without ever feeling rushed or pushed. And more importantly, their expertise meant no unpleasant surprises. We are very grateful to Adventures Croatia for taking the time to create a magical trip for us.
Julia K.

Our fabulous trip went off without one hitch

While trying to plan a trip to Slovenia and Croatia myself, I stumbled onto Adventures Croatia's web site, and boy am I glad I did!! After asking me many specific questions about our preferences for types of hotels, activities, foods, and our budget, she presented a fantastic itinerary that only needed slight tweaking. She put us in hotels that perfectly suited us, made arrangements for car rentals and found wonderful drivers when needed. We wanted one week on a boat and she found the perfect one. Our fabulous trip went off without one hitch, thanks to her planning.
Libby S.

SPECTACULAR trip to Croatia!  We can’t say enough great things!

Thank you for planning our SPECTACULAR trip to Croatia!  We can’t say enough great things!   As you promised, Croatia is beautiful, historic, clean and so friendly – not to mention the fantastic weather, wine and food!  Each hotel was unique and fabulous with incredibly friendly staff.   Your guides and drivers were all so professional and genuinely took interest in us.  One of the highlights was our private day of wine tasting and lunch on the Peljesac peninsula with Mario.  The wonderful wine and traditional lunch he and his sister served us in their 500+ year old family winery was one of the best days ever.  The ENTIRE trip was absolutely TOP NOTCH and we will recommend you and your professionals in Croatia to all of our traveling friends and family!   Thank you for making our 10 year anniversary celebration the trip of a life time!
John & Maggie W.

Fabulous trip

Nancy and I had a fabulous trip, thanks in no small part to your efforts and guidance, and we would be only too happy to sing your praises and in an effort to make possible an equally delightful experience for some other lucky travelers.
Joseph D. and Nancy K.

The sights and experiences we had will be with us for a lifetime

I am finally back at home after our wonderful trip...I finally have a chance to thank you for the Croatian excursion you planned for Caitlin and me.  Aside from one or two rainy days (which were still fun), the entire trip was seamless. Your guides and drivers are truly excellent and seem to love meeting new people; they perform their jobs so well, while never making it seem as if they are doing a paid job!  I really wanted to take a couple of them home with me, and Caitlin will be friends for life, I think, with Sonya and Florio, our driver in Dubrovnik who was such a sweetheart (while traveling at top speeds, safely,  through the countryside!). Such good, professional and intelligent people, all of them. The hotels were superb, all three of them, also with wonderful accommodating folks. The sights and experiences we had will be with us for a lifetime, and we were both so impressed with Croatia: such a clean, beautiful country, retaining much of its sense of history while being very sophisticated and modern. Internet and cell service was great wherever we were–I often have difficulty getting good service in my travels in the USA, but not a problem in Croatia. On one of our last days, Caitlin and I sat at a cafe high on the Adriatic in Dubrovnik and called my husband and some other friends who had recommended this particular spot (Cafe Buja, shouldn’t be missed). What a fabulous, lovely country–so easy for Americans as literally everyone speaks English!! Anyway, can’t say enough good things about it, and just wanted you to know!! THANK YOU!
Christine T.

Every aspect of the trip ran smoothly

We are just back from our trip and wanted to send a huge “Thank You!” regarding your help in making our trip to Croatia a magical one. Every aspect of the trip ran smoothly, and all of the activities you suggested to us were wonderful. Our trip to Modric Cave and our sailing day were both highlights of the trip. We must send our thanks, also, to all of the people, from drivers to adventure leaders, for their love of what they do and their fierce love of their country.  Andrej, Sonja, Marjan, Velselka, Florio, Maria, and our final driver to the airport… you all were wonderful companions on our trip and we would love to run into you again. We appreciate your patience with our endless questions, and we appreciate all you told us of your country.  We are already thinking about returning in two years time, perhaps we will see you again. We appreciate that everyone endeavored to educate us on a wide variety of topics, from the recent conflict all the way to farming methods. Croatia is a special place, and we appreciate all you did to share that with us.
The Fitzpatrick Family

The trip was spectacular! 

We had a fabulous time, and there was not one glitch. (until our plane was grounded in Toronto, left 15 hours late, and they lost our luggage!) Every place you sent us, every guide you got for us, and every B&B you booked was perfect. We can’t thank you enough. I would recommend you to anyone who is looking to travel there.
April C.

Top Notch

Our trip to Croatia was fantastic. Our itinerary was perfect. Each of the places we visited was very different, and each of the experiences you arranged (walking tours, a buggy tour, an off road tour) was terrific.  The hotels you arranged were beautiful and unique (and top notch). Finally, your service was great – when the weather threatened our plans, you were ready with last-minute alternatives, just in case.  Thanks for everything, we would be glad to act as references and will be recommending you to our friends and colleagues.  
John & Anita


Everyone of your hired contacts were professional, very personal and engaging and extremely knowledgeable. We couldn’t have asked for a better vacation!!!! Thank you so much for organizing great adventures each day!!!! We will certainly be returning and using you again! Thank you so much!
Julie H.

I will always remember these experiences.

We had such a fabulous and memorable trip thanks to you and your on-the-ground team in Croatia and Bosnia. I will always remember these experiences. Your company was outstanding. Cheers to you all and happy 2013! I will be happy to recommend you to any potential clients!
Judy M.

Holiday in Croatia – 

Happy New Year to you!!!! I hope your 2013 is healthy, prosperous and full of joy! Looking forward to working with you on many more adventures! Sincerely, Tom and Julie
Tom & Julie

Private Charter Cruise and Custom Excursion Package - Private Group of 38

We arrived home 2 days ago and are still dreaming of early morning freshly baked croissants and Croatian Rose! The trip was very successful - everyone had a wonderful time and enjoyed all the special experiences you planned into our itinerary. We loved the boat and found the facilities exceeded our expectations. The staff were very helpful, efficient and worked very long hours to keep the boat afloat. Your Cruise & Tour Director was a very welcome addition to the trip and we could not have done this without his suggestions, his translations and his quiet confident presence. We thoroughly enjoyed the touring by bus, on foot and the swimming stops were lovely. We especially enjoyed our tour to the Olive Oil sampling farm and the wine tasting at Tomic Winery. Our guide in Split and our Game of Thrones guide in Dubrovnik were both excellent. Our dinners on land were great and we all especially loved our dinner at Hvar and at Split. We felt very lucky to visit the Grappa maker in Hvar to sample his (exceptionally strong) brew! We were absolutely blown away by having front row seats at dinner at the concert in the square in Split and will never forget this evening. Thank you again so much for all your efforts to make this trip so memorable and so special. Best wishes and thank you so much
Sarah C.

Our 40th Wedding Anniversary was wonderful! Memorable!

Loved it all......all the wine tasting (along with the local foods) were some of my favorite activities. Loved swimming in the Adriatic, and especially enjoyed the group walking tour of old town Dubrovnik with the costumed characters and all the fun you created for that day. My husband LOVED the torpedo boats! The boat drivers were great! We'll definitely be spreading the good word about Adventures Croatia!
Kathy L.
Split is amazing, as great as Italy!  Hotel is in the center of the old town which is 1700 years old and the palace of Diocletian, the roman ruler of the world in 350 AD and the best preserved Roman ruins in the world.  Did you know that?  I sure didn’t so a very pleasant surprise!  It’s so beautiful, clean, nice people, fabulous hotel, having fun!!
Leslie A.

Very well planned.

Everything went smoothly. We did realize, even though we wouldn't have changed a thing this trip, we ARE getting older and it was a little too busy, tiring. BUT we survived the Plitvice Lakes Park and KRKA! Also only a small amount of rain. Weather good on cruise. So impressed with all drivers, dressed nicely, alway on time  
Lynn B.

The trip was spectacularly planned to the finest detail.

Truly one our most favorite trips over the last 35 years. Very little guesswork as to rental cars, hotels, each meal was indicated either at the hotels for breakfast, with lunch and dinner either reserved at special, well thought out locations with proven track records or we were open to finding what suited us. We loved having a bit of both. There were so many facets to the trips, excursions to Lake Bled, the caves, Pula, the old towns of several cities, walking the wall in Dubrovnik, several fantastic meals.........thus very hard to be concise when the entire 17 days was a magical walk thru beautiful Croatia rich with history and lush topography. I would suggest that future clients consider Andy Gaskin's gastronomical feast! They may wish to know the approximate cost ahead of time. Lastly.....I wish to thank Adventures Croatia because as E & I are in our 60's it has become less important to us to buy 'things' to collect 'stuff'.........and what has become much more important to us is the creation and collection of life-long 'Memories', often centered around family but not always. The trip Adventures Croatia planned for us is one of those most cherished Memories we will have forever and share with others! A heartfelt thank you!
Dennis R.


Everything worked well. Travel was easy, especially for a foreign country.
Frank G.

This was a fabulous trip.

Usually, my husband and I travel without the help of a travel agent but this time, we were very grateful to have the guidance of Adventures Croatia. Pamela worked diligently with us in the planning stages to work within our price range and incorporated everything we asked for and more. She made suggestions for excursions, unique to our interests (zip lining and hiking for us) and included details we would not have thought of that made our trip convenient and problem free. This included delivery and pick up of a rental car at our hotel, reservations at excellent hotels and restaurants, private walking tours, private transport to and from airports and contact information for each person involved. All were professional, informative and friendly. We were also grateful to have the contact information of a Croation Adventures team member in Croatia who we could call if ever we had a problem, were running late, or needed to make a change in our itinerary. I would highly recommend Adventures Croatia to anyone interested in visiting this area.  
Evette R.

Marvelous Trip

Adventures Croatia planned and executed a marvelous trip to Croatia (including specifically Dubrovnik, Korcula island, Split) and Montenegro. The hotels they selected were delightful and the destinations and excursions they planned (including a speed boat trip from Korcula to Mljet National Park and  an excursion to Ston) were historic and/or beautiful. They worked with us as we planned the trip (for which, as we had only 7 days, we limited our visit to the Dalmatia Coast) to determine our goals and objectives and then delivered on every one of them. The guides and drivers they arranged were knowledgeable, personable and conversational (and a highlight of the trip). Among everything else, Adventures Croatia provided us personable and even gracious service.
William S.
I had an amazing trip with Adventures Croatia! It was beautiful and the people were very nice! Lots of options for everyone which makes it nice for those that want to split off from the group and not do all the organized activities together if wanted. Swimming in the ocean and exploring all the different towns was a great experience, one I won't soon be forgetting! Don't forget to zip line, its terrifying but 100% a highlight!
Haleigh W.
Wow, it was everything I'd hoped for. So much do to with not enough time but I think our 11 day itinerary was perfect. Besides exploring all the sites, I felt we did a little bit of everything, wine tasting, lots of walking, biking, kayaking, ferry ride, boat rides! The entire trip was spectacular. I loved all the history and how each city was unique with so much to explore and the beautiful coastlines. I think you guys did an exceptional job with all the hotel selections, excursions, details, etc. Thank you for an amazing adventure!!!
Lia D.
Croatia was extraordinary...we loved it. Dubrovnik was amazing, and probably a highlight, but there were so many... (Our trip) was exquisitely planned, organized, amazingly staffed by knowledgeable and engaged guides, and it took into consideration the interests of my family. We spent time with people that lived in Croatia, we experienced what felt like the best the country had to offer. We were left wanting to come back before we even left.
Julie A.
We had a great trip! The people in Croatia are so friendly. There is so much more to see beyond what you would get if you were just making stops off a cruise ship. We visited Dubrovnik and the islands of Korcula and Hvar, before going to Split, Plitvice Lakes and finally Zagreb. (We also had excellent day trips to Mostar, Bosnia, and Kotor, Montenegro) Each site selected was well worth visiting and we only wish we had more than the 12 days that we had. Adventures Croatia, and Christy in particular, did an admirable job, on relatively short notice, planning and booking our trip during Croatia's busiest time of the year. As their name suggests, there is plenty of "adventures" to enjoy in Croatia as we went sea kayaking, speed boating, river rafting and zip-lining, to name some. If you are looking for more than just rest and relaxation in Croatia, I would definitely recommend using Adventures Croatia to help you plan a memorable time in a beautiful country.
Mark L.
It was so much fun. We were never bored for a minute. We had the best trip that entertained my children who are 26 and 27 and my husband and myself. Our travel advisor, emergency contacts, guides, drivers, etc were incredibly responsive. We learned so much about Croatia and its people. Water sports could not have been better. Experienced and caring guides, and exciting events. The daily events were fantastic. Hiking at the national park, Rafting. Kayaking, Zip line, Buggy Safari, Motorboat cave explorations, Cooking class, wine tasting and, and, and. EVERYTHING was fantastic. The guide at the National Park, the guide at Game of Thrones, the guides with the Kayaking were all fantastic, the rafting guides. They were responsive, knowledgeable and very entertaining. they also made sure we were always safe and having fun. Cooking class which included getting to know a family, picking vegetables in their gardens, walking through their vineyards, making bread, soup, veggies, and meat, was enlightening. What a trip. I wish we could have stayed longer. It was amazing!!!!
Barbara S.
Our trip to Croatia was absolutely amazing Planning the trip was lots of fun because I felt the enthusiasm Christy had for Croatia. There were many decisions as to hotels, budgets and the length of the trip. Each of these decisions was thoroughly discussed together and Christy helped throughout the process. In Croatia, we were blown away with how well everything went. Our guides and drivers were prompt and spoke perfect English. They helped us to understand the country better and we truly enjoyed the Croatia experience of great hotels, beautiful beaches, marinas and the food is delicious. Thank you, Christy and Adventures in Croatia for planning our trip to celebrate a big birthday. I can't wait to go back!!!
Holly A.
We live in a state whose economy is based on tourism, so we generally make a point of avoiding "touristy" places when we travel. This trip to Croatia was a lovely example of tourism done exactly right. The venues were fantastic, the logistics handled so well that we never felt rushed or crushed, the guides and drivers delightful in every way. The 2 speedboat transfers (Split-Hvar, Hvar-Korcula) were perfectly fine and Captain Simon was super but I would not have wanted either trip to be one minute longer. The seas were a bit rocky (end of September) and so were our stomachs by trip's end. Over and over we were struck by the "largeness" of Croatia - its beauty, its age, its stonework, its pain. Pretty humbling for a couple of tourists from a "youngster" country like the US. I thought I hated grappa.....but I don't anymore! Thanks for all....our trip couldn't have been better.
Toni K.
Finding Family Roots You seemed to have knowledge of the country and know what people want when they travel. Your website was nicely organized and the photos were beautiful. (What Was the Most Outstanding or Memorable Part of Your Trip?) Zagorje region and Sveta Jana. Not only breathtakingly beautiful, but I found more than I had hoped for regarding my family roots - largely because of the guide, Bruno, whose work ethic moved him to visit Sveta Jana ahead of time and make contact with the priest in the church, as well as stopping to talk to older men once we arrived in Sveta Jana and ask if they knew my great-grandfather (which they did). Our trip to Croatia was the trip of a lifetime, exceeding our hopes and expectations! We felt so taken care of and no detail was overlooked by Adventures Croatia. Every driver and guide was on time, knowledgeable and personable. It was our first trip to this beautiful country and our senses were overwhelmed with all we saw and experienced. The lunches that were planned, the excursions, the hotels and the drivers were wonderful. Adventures Croatia helped us to put together a custom tour that included a small village in which I searched for -- and found -- my family roots. It's the most beautiful place I have ever seen. This trip was life changing. I will go through Adventures Croatia for my next trip, which I hope will be soon.
Michele A.
The Dalmatian Coast was terrific both in terms of natural beauty and history of many centuries. But what made it special was the tour itself -- the people in each location. The city guides were really from the city and talked about what happened there because they really knew it. We had several transfers and in every case the person we were supposed to meet was there, on time (even at 3:30 AM) and pleasant. It far exceeded my expectations.
Judy L.
We loved our vacation to Croatia! It was our first time to visit this glorious country and absolutely everything about it was fantastic: countryside, blue sea, food, wine, people, guides, drivers. We are anxious to return!  Adventures Croatia provided a custom designed trip that met all of our expectations and we highly recommend this company.
Rebecca W.
Adventures Croatia planned our honeymoon and it was lovely! They worked with my husband and me to determine what sorts of adventures/excursions/relaxing events we'd like to take advantage of and then planned a great 6-day trip for us. Croatia itself is a magical place to travel. Our trip included a nice mix of activities, leisure time, meals, and exploration of a few different towns/islands. I only wish we had more time there!
Tali B.
My friend and I tried to arrange a Croatian vacation on our own using the internet.  But with no knowledge of the country we ran into a brick  wall.  So we contacted Adventures Croatia for some help.  Christy asked us some questions about our interests, budgets, mobility, etc, then took charge.  She put together an outstanding itinerary at a very reasonable price and we accepted.  She arranged our hotels, drivers, guides, and activities.  It all went flawlessly.  The hotels were all four star and perfectly situated to make the most of our time.  The drivers and guides were all prompt, friendly and extremely knowledgeable.  When we had questions in country, Dubravka was able to give us immediate answers.  And the activities were great... some of which would never have occurred to us on our own, such as sea kayaking and truffle hunting.  The bottle of champagne in our hotel room upon arrival and box of chocolates at departure where such a nice touch.  I can't thank the Adventures Croatia and all the staff involved enough for the perfect vacation. Sue (September 2016)
Sue C.

We had a wonderful visit to Croatia arranged by Pamela at Adventures Croatia. She knows the country so well and it sure showed in all of the arrangements she designed.

Our trip included four days on land (Split and Dubrovnik) and seven days on a 35 passenger ship cruising from island to island just off the coast.  All of the 11 or 12 days were well arranged and we did not have one hiccough at any time.  Our tour guides for the land portion(there were four of us in a private car) were amazing and our drivers knew as much about the country as the guides. Their English was excellent and very knowledgeable but something I appreciated they were also very candid about their country.  They were very open to discussing current events and the struggles of the young countries after their independence in 1990-95. The cruise was just perfect.  Fun fellow passengers, good food, excellent accommodations and well designed for seeing the islands of Croatia.  We could not have asked for anything better. Pamela also arranged for amazing hotels and we appreciated both Plazza Heritage in the center of Split and Hotel More in Dubrovnik.  They were both five star. Pamela did a wonderful job and her service is also five star. Ken H, September 2016
Ken H.
We had a wonderful trip, it was very well planned and just the right amount of activities. The cruise was very fun and we meet a lot of nice people. The city tours gave us an understanding of the people and their history. Seeing the national parks and coast showed us the beauty of Croatia. The guides were very knowledgeable, friendly and spoke excellent English. The drivers we always on time, pleasant, drove safely, and new their directions. All of the hotels were above average and made for a good trip. The food and wine experiences were very pleasant and opened our eyes to new tastes. The whole trip, with the different experiences really showed us Croatia and the people. The ground support personnel were extremely helpful ... If she didn't answer our calls immediately, which she usually did, she would return our call in a minute or two. She always answered our questions and went above and beyond the call of duty. (Lisa Albert) Very helpful and worked to make our trip a great experience. Can't say enough how helpful she was.  
Richard S.
We were looking for a place that none of us had ever visited. Heard it was the "sleeper country" to visit. I think Adventures Croatia did a first class job of organizing and planning our week in Croatia. The selection of hotels, restaurants, tour guides and suggested sites to see was all first class. Simply a great trip and a great experience!! Only regret was not having more time to spend in each location! Loved it all, but certainly two meals of note: ****** cooking dinner for us in the "ghostown" of Hvar and ****** preparing mussels lunch on way to Dubrovnik. All (drivers & guides) were excellent but the two top standouts were ****** our driver from Split to Dubrovnik and, as we had hoped, a return with him on the day trip to Montenegro. Young, enthusiastic, funny, knowledgeable and on those roads: very professional!!! The second was a young lady, ******* who gave a fantastic tour of Dubrovnik. Again, smart, interesting, engaging. Having started planning with Abercrombie and Kent and then learning about Adventures Croatia from a friend and learning they could do the SAME trip for much less $....was a no brainer!
Michael H.
Korcula is a gem. Hvar is a touch of Monte Carlo. Istria was like Tuacany...all gorgeous. all the guides were knowledgeable and dedicated. Honored to be with the owner and taken on a marvelous tasting evening! The trip of a lifetime. Fabulous support team, wonderful guides, and fascinating history and culture. Our trip would never have been such a success without your company.
Susan T.
I don't know where to begin with how wonderful our experience was with Pamela and the whole Adventures Croatia Team, and the amazing honeymoon we had.  We essentially handed over the reigns, wanting to be surprised when we got there. Throughout  the planning process Pamela and Mimi were always in touch filling us in on possible trip itineraries and allowing us to adjust to fit our preferences. Arriving in Dubrovnik we could not stop laughing hysterically with pure joy at the beautiful views from our room. We were told by Pamela that we had dinner reservations on the roof top of the Raddison Blu at sunset.  When we arrived, I instantly burst into tears. Sitting on the terrace was a single table under twinkling fairy lights, covered in rose petals. I had never felt so special in my life, it was a scene straight out of "The Bachelor". We then proceeded to have the most delicious 7 course meal that had such variety, and our first taste of the amazing Croatian red wine, how could we top this!!! Oh but does Pamela know how to create magic! We topped off our first day with an amazing Game of Thrones Scavenger hunt/tour though Old Town, and then left the next day to board the boat. We spent a week on one of AC's privately chartered ships exploring the amazing Islands. Our accommodation on the boat, three course meals, and the staff were all fantastic. Each Island had something different to offer with exclusive experiences for our group. Pamela's knowledge of Croatia and her deeply personal realtinoships meant that our group got private access to many special places, including the Milos winery where we were gifted with their award winning olive oil, and a beautiful wine tasting at the Spanish Fortress above Hvar. Each day included swimming breaks on beautiful beaches, and enough time to ourselves to get lost on Brac and in the pirate town of Omis. There were optional activities that varied from exhilarating Zip lining & white water rafting, to a private olive oil tasting at a small family farm on Brac. We saw just enough that we can't wait to go back for more! Our second week of our honeymoon was spent exploring Spilt, one of my most favourite destinations, including a day trip to Imotski for a private cooking class learning how to make Peka! We felt so at home, like we were cooking with our long lost Croatian Grandmother! Again another hidden Gem, only Pamela and her team can offer.After non stop adventures, we had just enough down time at the most amazing resort in Šibenik. This was perfect for two honeymooners ;).  Adventures Croatia only offers the best in luxery travel, and everything exceeded our expectaions. Our favourite stop was driving to Nacionalni park "Plitvička jezera". This truly is a natural wonder of the world. The B&B we stayed at was one of my favourite rooms, it was so cozy, and you felt like you were right in the middle of it. It was a short 10 min walk to the boats that take you to the lakes, which made exploring at our own pace ideal. I can't say enough about all of the special moments we had on our honeymoon and I could go on forever. What I would say, is trust Pamela and the team. She is a master at creating wonderful magical moments in travel, and she works so hard to scout out unique experiences that only her clients will have. This was apparent throughout every moment of our honeymoon.  We will certainly be back to Croatia soon!
Cory N.
What a spectacular place! Although we had heard about the beauty and history of Croatia, we were overwhelmed by its majestic views, layered culture, and delicious food, but mainly we were impressed by the lovely Croatian people. From start to finish, everyone was friendly, proud, and helpful. Our tours of Split and Dubrovnik were interesting and entertaining, and trip to the wine region was amazing. We couldn't have been more impressed, and are grateful to Lisa Albert who attended to every detail. She understood our goals for the trip and her suggestions were spot on. We were limited on time so maximized each day with the Taste of Split tour, a walk of the Walled City in Dubrovnik, and a personal trip to the wine region of the Pelješac peninsula. The highlight was the hotel in Dubrovnik with its breath-taking views, delicious food, comfortable rooms, and cool contemporary atmosphere. It was a perfect retreat and very difficult to leave! Thank you, Lisa, for creating such amazing memories! We look forward to returning to the area again, and recommend Croatia Adventures highly!  
Jane W.
I loved everything about this trip - the exhilarating activities, delicious food and wine, each city and wonderful guides ! The activities were a definite highlight: zip lining, kayaking, wine tasting, chocolate making, speed boating, buggy riding, picnics (!) - I simply can't pick a favorite. This was just the trip I was looking for - "relaxingly active" is a perfect description! I big "Thank You" to Lisa & Dan and Pamela for arranging all the very fun activities and hotels and restaurants - I wouldn't change a thing!
This was just the trip I was looking for
Our one-week, family Croatian Adventure for eight adults was WONDERFUL. Adventure Croatia planned activity after activity that kept us active and totally engaged while still leaving room for relaxation and exploration. Our family really enjoys water activities, and AC provided a extensive itinerary of rafting, kayaking, swimming, speed boating and more. Croatia is a water paradise. Local guides provided perspectives that helped us appreciate the culture and history of each area. AC took us to locations that others might not find such as the Lost City outside of Split. Of course, families bond around meals. AC arranged for several memorable meals that flowed with local cuisine and plenty of wine. One meal lasted for 3.5 hours of family enjoyment. Adventure Croatia excelled in taking care of the details, every detail. Every driver, guide and appointment was well orchestrated. There was never a question about pre-paid activities; we were always expected, and the accomodations were always First Class. I was amazed that our vacation went off like clock work, yet the Croatians were always willing to accommodate with longer stays or one more swim in the sea. I cannot speak highly enough for the hospitality of our guides, drivers and all the Croatian people. We highly recommend putting your trust in Adventure Croatia. They did not and will not disappoint.
We highly recommend putting your trust in Adventure Croatia
Scents of sage and lavender, the gentle lapping of the crystal blue Adriatic Sea, exquisite and deliciously obscure wines, beautiful mountain ranges and waterfalls, local charm and wit, and rich history are combined by the travel magicians at Adventures Croatia. They provide wonderful locations to see, expertise, sophistication, support and influential local connections. No book or website can replicate what they do in finding a wonderful balance between nature and culture, activity and leisure, and organization and freedom. Quality choices are provided without the expense. Nice little touches are added, such as notes and wine, just when they are most needed. California leads the world in many things, and travel assistance is among them.
No book or website can replicate what they do
Simply it exceeded my expectations and highlighted all the beauty and best experiences of Croatia.
It exceeded my expectations
My flights were booked for my 5-week-long trip - I was flying in to France and out of Germany, to see friends and visit some favorite spots in those countries. Right in the middle of the trip, I left a space of almost two weeks to visit three places I've wanted to see for years - Sarajevo, Dubrovnik and Split. I made my arrangements for France and Germany and asked Lisa Albert, of Adventures Croatia, if she could help me with Sarajevo, Dubrovnik and Split. Lisa jumped right on it, and in an amazingly short time presented me with a wonderful itinerary that covered the three cities and much more. I booked flights in to Sarajevo and out of Split and Lisa arranged private transfers to/from hotels, the hotels themselves, tours, ferry rides and private pickups at ferry terminals in cities where private transfers were not practical. I visited Sarajevo, Mostar, Dubrovnik, Korcula, Hvar, Split and Trogir. Tours were not practical in some of the cities I visited, but for those cities, Lisa gave me expert advice about the sights that I should see (and at my request even recommended souvenirs that were relevant to the various cities). The private drivers and tour guides all spoke English and were very knowledgeable about their cities, and only one hotel was more than a 2-minute walk away from a city center. This part of my trip was a journey of discovery and thanks to Lisa Albert, all I had to do was show up and enjoy the journey!!!
A journey of discovery
You know that you have had a great vacation, when you hate to leave after ten days! We were fascinated by the tour of the Old City in Dubrovnik and our guide was born there, so she had a different perspective on things. We learned alot from her. Dubrovnik is a beautiful town and our hotel had beautiful views of the ocean. The next day, we went to a winery and their wine and olive oil was excellent. The second wine tasting and meal in a 500 year old tavern was filling! Korcula was an active place with people swimming, sailing, etc. We really enjoyed having dinner by the ocean in the Old City. We took the ferry from Korcula to Hvar, which is a beautiful town on the edge of the ocean. We enjoyed sitting in the city square, watching all of the people rush by. Our guide was excellent and we so enjoyed going up the mountain to Stari Grad. The next day, we got a private tour of the Pakleni Islands. Our guide knew everyone and we stopped for cocktails at one island and then had a great meal at a place that he knew of. It had a great view of the ocean. We took the ferry from Hvar to Split and took a walking tour where we learned a lot about Split. The progressive dinner was very good and we were too full for desert! We love the Dalmatian snack of prosciutto, cheese and the delicious homemade bread. We got to taste different olive oils and learned the correct way to do it. We got a rental car and took the opportunity to try and find my Mother's family home in Orljac. The next day, we drove to Hreljin to find my Father's family home. It is a small village on the edge of the ocean with beautiful scenery. We had lunch in the only pizza place in town. We drove to Zagreb, the capital with one million people and our hotel was in the center of town. It was fun to have dinner outside on the sidewalk and listed to local musicians. Our tour guide showed us the upper and lower parts of Zagreb and shared a lot of history with us. That night, we flew from Zagreb back to Dubrovnik and stayed in a hotel which was very pretty on the coast.  All in all, we enjoyed every minute of this beautiful country and cannot wait to go back. It was truly a vacation of a lifetime!
It was truly a vacation of a lifetime
What an amazing trip! It was the very best trip we have ever taken in our lives! Adventures Croatia created a perfect "custom made" itinerary for our family. Every detail was perfect, right down to the transportation. Our hotels were spectacular. We stayed in 5 different hotels during our trip. Every hotel was beautifully decorated with updated, modern bathrooms. We could see that Adventures Croatia took great care in choosing accommodations, not only paying attention to the decor of the hotels, but with the locations as well. In Zagreb, Zadar, Split and Hvar, we were centrally located and could walk everywhere. And in Dubrovnik, we were away from the mobs of people in a beautiful resort setting. But we could still easily get into town. We were so pleasantly surprised that our private drivers were so professional and knowledgable. Especially on our longer journeys, we chatted with the drivers and learned so much about the fascinating Croatian history and its people. And the vans were so new, spacious and clean! I also loved how Adventures Croatia had a "contact person" in Croatia for us just in case we needed anything. When planning the trip, I hadn't wanted to set up a private guide for Zadar because my husband had family in that region and we wanted our time to be open. But after our exceptional tour guide in Zagreb, I called our contact in Croatia to see if we could set up a private tour of Zadar for the next day. Our contact said it was no problem and the private guide was added. I was so glad because Zadar was a history gem. And the guide again, was exceptional and so informative. Adventures Croatia gave us so much more than we could have imagined. They set up very authentic Croatian experiences as well. For example, our guide in Hvar took us to very small villages and drove us to see incredible views of Hvar town. Then we went to a charming winery. And finally he took us to a traditional Croatian dinner at a family estate. These are experiences we could never have planned or even known about on our own. In addition, on the trip, it was my daughter's 14th birthday. Adventures Croatia arranged for a beautiful cake and really made her birthday even more special. This company sincerely cares about its clients. Thank you, Adventures Croatia, for an incredible trip! We are hoping to return again soon!
It was the very best trip we have ever taken in our lives!
Our trip to Croatia was fantastic! It may have been the best trip we have ever taken! You all did a great job in planning all of our activities as well as our accommodations. Our entire group enjoyed all the excursions (and that's not always an easy thing to pull off when two teenagers are traveling with adults). Your associates in Croatia and Venice were pretty close to perfect. They were knowledgeable, personable and professional. The guides shared their insights and never seemed to be in a hurry to leave us, and both the guides and the drivers were always where they were supposed to be when they were supposed to be there every step of the way (even for our 4:30 am water taxi to the Venice airport!).
It may have been the best trip we have ever taken!
Everything was planned so well for us in advance by Adventures Croatia that we were truly free to enjoy the whole experience.There were many highlights, but I think we would say the most memorable thing we did was the oyster harvesting tour with the lunch on the private island. Probably the best meal we've ever had.
We were truly free to enjoy the whole experience
We cannot thank you enough for this enchanting trip. Everything was perfect and magical. The people so loving and friendly and ready to share. The way you put the package together was perfect. Our highlights: We went to Rasjuni beach in Split and splurged on a double lounge sat and was served margaritas (wait staff was awesome!) and sat and caught up on our lives. Next on to Hvar! We kayaked and had fun then went into the town and had wonderful drinks with people we had met on our Vis excursion. We had fun walking around and watching the crazy night life! Then on to Dubrovnik...loved the Old Town and our guide gave us such great history...we rode the Cable Car for an incredible view. Then...the ultimate ending..our trip to Ston!! Our guide gave us such history and stories from her heart. We were captivated! We did shopping in Ston and the people were so grateful. Then on to our FAVORITE! Our boat ride to see how harvest Oysters and Mussels are harvested..amazing! Then into a little nook in the woods to have a private meal of homemade mussels (YUM!), oysters (double yum) wine (triple yum) and his homemade liquor (not enough yums!) It was delightful! Like being in a movie. This was the best vacation ever and a special time for me and my precious daughter. We will never forget it and we WILL return!!! Victoria
This was the best vacation ever
Everything we hoped for and much much more!! Croatia is a wonderful country full of warm and friendly people. Travel in this country is not challenging, they have all of the amenities you would want as a traveler. Adventures Croatia was absolutely fantastic in helping us plan, book and prepare for our trip.
Everything we hoped for and much much more!

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