A Springtime visit through Slavonia, Bosnia & Greece

This month, our Travel Specialist Lisa Albert is exploring Croatia and the Mediterranean region to bring an even deeper level of expertise to our future clients.

decorative easter eggs in front of croatian castle

Spring and the Easter season are a really beautiful, delicious, and meaningful time to visit Croatia and the region! I am fortunate to be scouting new experiences and destinations during this season and can’t wait to enhance your journeys with our research and insight! 


Springtime Sights

bosnia garzing horzes

Spring means baby animals!! Lipizzan fillies and colts – is anything cuter? Well, maybe the baby goats and lambs could be competition. The pastures in the countryside are a joyful sight in this season. Not to mention the spring blossoms, sweet birdsong, and bright new green leaves surrounding us wherever we go.

I visited UNESCO site Plitvice Lakes early in my trip before the foliage had unfurled which enabled me to see sights that have previously been obscured. Turns out the scenery is still stunning and the water is amazing no matter what time of year you visit.

Traveling in April – way fewer crowds

Balkan waterfall

There seem to be no lines at popular destinations and it has been easy to find parking. With fewer tourists, and special celebrations taking place – the locals are excited to share their traditions. Spring brings special dishes which the locals are eager to serve and explain the significance of during this season.

Honestly, everything has been fantastic. I loved the new countryside experience in mountainous Bosnia with the dearest people. I was treated to the fantastic colorful countryside of Slavonia and the rich habitat of Kopački Rit’s nature preserve. Northern Dalmatia brought fabulous dining along with a relaxed pace, especially the uniquely Croatian city of Šibenik.

plitvice lakes and waterfalls

Expect a report on Greece from me in the future after I spend the next week there checking out the ancient Minoan civilization, beautiful beaches, and the Greek Cretan cuisine.


Lisa Albert, Adventures Croatia Regional Specialist