With over a thousand islands to explore in the area, countless bays and coves and gorgeous beaches with glorious blue waters, Adventures Croatia offers you the ultimate voyage on the seas. Our professional team of travel experts provide you with customized sailing, motor yacht and cruise itineraries ideal for individuals or groups that allow you to relax and enjoy the serenity of gliding across these waters. The close proximity between the islands makes for an effortless trip where the hassles of re-packing are eliminated and time spent exploring on land is magnified. Wander through coastal towns and island villages and immerse yourself in authentic culture while enjoying delicious local cuisines and wines. Shop in open air markets and hike into the lovely interior valleys with surreal views everywhere you turn. Unwind on private beaches or snorkel and swim in deep blue coves with their incredible array of wildlife. Set sail with Adventures Croatia for the voyage of a lifetime.

Private Charter Rental in Croatia

A yacht charter is an exciting travel solution for families or small groups who want the freedom to explore the islands of Croatia and the Adriatic independently. Browse the various yachts we have on offer below, to decide which would be perfect for you and your group.

We’ve only listed a few of the available catamarans, sailing vessels, motor yachts and super luxury yachts we can secure for you. Not seeing what you’re interested in? We can find any size and any type to fit your budget.

Our experienced local skippers are available for hire with the yacht if you don’t have a qualified crew member. A private charter provides you with a unique way to see Croatia; we can help you come up with a personalized itinerary, and its up to you if you want to follow the plan or make it up as you go.

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